EE X6R Mod: The unholy offspring of my 2 favorite lights (pic heavy)

Ya got that right… PITA.
just spent 45 min on there and reducing the Cree selection. None of the G3 were in my list with obvious filters used. Got frustrated and just searched “XPGDWT” and 281 items showed up none of which were on there before. There is a lack of information on the G3, none have a color temp listed. Guess you need to know what you want before you go to Arrow.

Ohh, I went strictly by the CREE code and the CREE spec. Actually what I did was use the CREE datasheet, copied the P/N of one I was interested in, then searched Arrow for the P/N - that worked ok. Yes, the Arrow listing is pretty poor. They just don't know how to list LED's.

Awesome looking light! I’m loving the red and amber in the tailcap, so I think I’m going to have to steal that idea from you :smiley:

The site sucks, and the incorrect pictures really threw me off at first. They have some really nice emitters listed, but all the good ones are either backordered, 1,000 piece min, or both. Like this one. XP-L HI, 4500k, V2 bin, 75CRI typical, only $4.41/piece. Or this one, XP-L HI, U6 bin, 4000k, 80 CRI, $4.01.

I’ll make a new thread for this discussion, here.

Go ahead and steal it! I basically already stole it from Djozz, but he used yellow in his too.

Soooooo according to my MYUSPS account both packages from LEDDNA and Mtn should be delivered today. Props to mtn, as I just ordered from them Friday, and already being delivered Monday. However, I knew I should have just been more patient :person_facepalming:

So should I use the LEDDNA emitters and hope for slightly better throw from dedomed XP-L’s, or should I use the XP-L HI 5A2’s from Richard and get a guaranteed nice tint?

I ended up using the XP-L HI’s. Wasn’t happy with it, the tint is not like other 5A’s I have. It is very very rosy which I normally like, but it was just too much. So I reflowed the XP-L 3A’s onto the noctigon and did a brief test before going to the gasoline. I’m glad I did test it, because these are definitely not 3A tint, probably more like 4A. So I’ll be leaving the domes on.

what am I missing as far as being able to view the pics related to this post?

You weren’t missing anything, decided to delete my images. I re-linked the pics I still have.
update: This light no longer a Triple, it’s back to the original reflector. I decided I like the original X6R beam profile better. It has always had a nicely defined spot.