Emisar D1 / D1S review

Can someone who has both a D1S and a decent pair of calipers give me an idea of the overall diameter of the head? I’ll see if I can get a chunk of Tellurium copper to beat my D1S home…

My cheap digital calipers are far from “decent,” but here’s what I got:

Bezel is 50.09mm diameter.

Switch area is 35.97mm diameter.

Bezel to start of taper is 35.47mm.

Bezel to end of taper is 41.14mm.

Bezel to end of head is 64.23mm.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

I always get ahead of myself… in the beginning of this thread the 35mm diameter is quoted… so I ordered a piece of TeCu 38.2mm in diameter by 76.3mm in length. Tonight was the last night of a nice discount, so I hurried. :frowning:

It’ll be all right though, I want to start the copper just above where the emitter shelf is so I can cut threads and inset the new emitter shelf. :wink:

Thanks for those numbers… know any mojo to get my D1S to arrive? :smiley:

Ah, I see what I did…. I got the 35mm bezel diameter of the D1… oh well, I’ll make it work, just need the diameter where the emitter shelf is and that should be around 36mm at best guess, 38.2 will have to do.

And no, I’m not planning on using the entire 3” on this light, I have some other things needing this copper. :wink:

I think it involves chanting “Emisar,” in a darkened room with a few lights running Andúril’s ‘Lightning Storm’ mode. :partying_face:

No problem, just order a D1 too. Problem solved! :smiley:

Yeah, we know! :wink:

Oh, I’ve got a D1, and a D4 (or two) and the grey D1S should be here someday. And then I’ll probably make it look something like this, albeit a bit less disjointed…

DB Custom
yup, but I assume the reason for the Q8 petals are the four LEDs.

Arrived now D1S gray, 3 minutes in my hands. :heart_eyes:
Wow, wow, nice!!

Joe, I was referring to the smooth mirror finished reflector cups in the Q8. :wink: The flat sides of the XP-L are due to the fact that the die is XM-L sized on an XP substrate, so the dome had to be flat sided to fit. These flat sides cause 4 “petals” in the beam profile of a mirror finished reflector. It’s a reflection of the emitter in the shiny coating.

My gray D1S just shipped from Mountain Electronics. I should have it in a couple of days :slight_smile:

Can we get some more D1 vs D1S beam shots?

Sure, you have to take a look in the German Flashlight Forum (TLF) :slight_smile:

A review from Wiestom with Beamshots from Underground


Or you can have a look at Bluzies Beamshot Series in his garden center (in alphabetical order) for comparison


Go ahead…… twist the knife, will soon be a month since I ordered from Neal and shipping only says “has been processed through a facility in China” :disappointed:
I know its not Neal’s fault but it would be nice to have better updates from the shipping………… like “its on the boat” ……. surely they dont use air freight or it would already be here.

My overseas packages are almost always 13-15 days. My D1S was delivered in14 days. It was 9 days between “has been processed through a facility in China” to “Processed Through Facility

Mine was shipped on the 15th.

When was your shipped/accepted?

My D1S from Neal was Nov6 first tracking in China and it took 20 days to show up with a Chicago entry to US and finally it should be in your neck of the woods (“Gulf Coast”) by tomorrow (via USPS). I know DB Custom is having a similarly long experience and also from TX. I think it’s just taking longer than usual right now.

Purchased on the 4th - Processed on the 12th.
I think the wait is worse than normal because I ordered both D4 & D1s.
Everything is copacetic :smiling_imp:

You’d have to cut the head in half to do that, the head is all one single piece.

Finally received mine yesterday, 20 days to hit Chicago, 3 more days for delivery once stateside.

Cutting the head in separate sections and threading each section to accept the copper is completely within the plan. :smiley:

The more difficult the plan, the greater the challenge. Thus, the higher reward for a successful mod. :wink:

Got my D1S finally. My first emisar with the new coating that was talked about in this thread. A more accurate texture description is like a smooth ceramic garden pot or a gun cerakote. It takes some getting used to for sure but ultimately i think i prefer regular smooth anno.

The beam and throw are nothing short of excellent. If they come out with an anodized one id probably pick it up in 4000k just to have a 2nd tint but the 5000k is nice and matches my D1