Emisar D1 / D1S review

Might stick, but won’t wear well. Wear and tear will quickly have the coating in tatters.

Well, de-anodizing in drain cleaner maybe ?
It will give you the naked alu finish, that you could re-anodizing in clear maybe ?

I wonder if buffing would work, if so… with what?

You can try car polish on the tailcap?

Quick question,

Bezel > o-ring > glass


bezel > glass > o-ring

Took the head/bezel off and glass fell out before seeing how it was on. Luckily on op my extended mouse/keyboard pad.

My D1 and D1S are bezel, o-ring, glass.

What are you doing with yours while it’s apart?

I opened mine to reflash it with ToyKeeper’s Andúril firmware. :partying_face:

Edit: Just lightly tapped my D1S against my Q8. The finish nicked off, my camera blows, but to the eye you can easily see the metal/alum shine thru. I would think brake/drain cleaner would melt this right off.

Should I strip the bezel, for science ?

Thank you, The o-ring stuck to the glass, just didn’t what way to put it back :person_facepalming:

Just looking at it, I’m lame :smiley:

It’s perfect as is in the momentary mode

Yes! Do it for “flashlight science,” as mhanlen says. :smiley:

I used the Easy Off oven cleaner method, Soaked about 15-20 minutes. No sanding or buffing/polishing done. I like how it turned out, Don’t think I’ll try polishing it.
More Picture here


Wow! I just may try something like that.

Does anyone have beam shots of the d1s? Youtube dont havere any reviews of the light

I posted some a few pages back.

There are beamshots in my review - link in my signature!

Got my D1S today, really neat light, beam profile is excellent! :slight_smile: Finish is superb, very equal application and yes, a little on the rough side which aids grip so I’m not concerned with that aspect. The AR coating is like gold or something, pretty cool there too.

Got really cold last night, so this light is frigid out of the box! LOL (got down to 25º, wicked cold for this old Texan)

No sense in messing around, right? So my new D1S now has Anduril and an Vishay SIR404DP MOSFET. Without changing the wires or bypassing springs it’s doing 1560 lumens in Turbo level. :slight_smile: Me Likey! :smiley:

I think I mentioned it previously, but you might try clear Plasti-Dip. It would let the color show through, and be 100% removable.

So, last night I put an XP-L2 in my new D1S and it was making good lumens but the spot was large and had a yellow corona. This morning I sliced the XP-L2 and it tightened it up, but the corona was still ugly. So I diced the phosphor off the sides leaving it looking a lot like an XP-L HI, the corona cleared up nicely. It’s pulling 7.98A from a 30Q, doing 2021 lumens with a 118.75Kcd. Pretty neat light! Lightning bursts are impressive and candlelight works beautifully, think I’ll keep it. :wink:

Thank you for the beam shots!

This is indeed a very intriguing light, more throw but less floody compared to the D4.

I’m nuts, (as in I have too many lights!), but at $40.00 I couldn’t pass up getting a D1. Looks like one of the best 18650 lights ever especially for the price. It was great that mtnelectronics carries them.

Can anyone tell me if the D1 accepts BOTH flat top and button top 18650’s?

Button top should barely fit. Protected cells likely won’t fit at all. Unprotected flat top is recommended.