Emisar D3AA is available now

Will titanium version of the D4v2 be created?

Damn. I was done buying flashlights… Spent so much money already lately on lights and trits, but got to have one of these. My smooth green D4 deserves to become a shelf queen.

Nice work Hank, in the lead for best pocket rocket in the market again.

It’s still FET+1×7135 driver

Can’t wait for it to be available! Hopefully we see updates on the other Emisar lights too.

One can always find updated info thru this handy thread here ;-)


- SAM -

Hank, is this being done through a multi-color micro SMD LED like this one?

Wow, how does this work? Is that a TK question?

That looks awfully small for a multi led SMD.

I think the ad you posted is for 25 LED each of 5 different colors, not for a multi LED SMD.

Hank any chance for LH351D in this light ? would be nice have a multi emitter light with that…


That’s a deal breaker for me.

Wow, it looks fantastic!

I don’t think it’s quite a deal breaker for me, but it’s certainly a reason to keep using my FW3A. It’s the primary reason I keep using my FW3A instead of my D4, even slightly moreso than the fact it runs Anduril.

On the bright side, with Anduril on the new D4 I should be able to cap the ramp at something reasonable like 300 lumens to limit how much power I fritter away. The new option to make it always switch on at any desired level (such as max regulated) will be really useful too.

Don’t worry, the 3-channel driver is nice but also overrated. Sure it is a nice thought to have it in your light, but the slight efficiency gain you get in medium modes will not be noticable in your runtimes.

I seemed to notice that my FW3A goes for longer at the maximum regulated ~800lm level than my D4 at the same sort of brightness. Is this most likely because I just keep overshooting and ending up with 1000lm+?

Anduril will surely make it a lot easier to know how much output we’re getting. So glad it’s now included on Emisar’s newer flashlights.

Are external dimensions the same?
I think that magnet addition would increase the length (even for those who don’t use it) which would be a small step back…

Hank mentioned 3mm extra of the tailcap because of the magnet, so I guess overall length is 3mm extra.

I skimmed through the thread too quickly to notice. Thanks djozz!
I wonder if V1 tailcaps are compatible with V2 tubes…

Wil the Ramping IOS V2 be there as a optional choice? Not everyone likes Anduril.

Im soo interested.Cant hardly wait.