Emisar D4S review

I thought it would be the opposite, XPL-Hi 5k seem to be the more efficient option for the heat, but i'm glad to hear your feedback!

If the SST-20 5k is at least close in heat generation it's perfect for me.

I got my d4s sst20 5000k today and its great. The highest 3x 7135 mode is very nice.

One thing I noticed. from moon to highest 3x 7135 the light has a very nice yellow/very slight green tint. When ramped above the regulated current the tint really gets whiter. Can it be that the pwm got anything to do with it. Its a pretty big difference and its perfect for me. Like high cri on the low and low on the high mode.

LED tint changes depending on the power level.

This is generally most noticeable on a FET+N light with a relatively low “N” and a relatively high FET level. I try to reduce the effect by blending channels, but there’s only so much it can do. Without the blending though, if I set the FET channel to exactly the same lumen level as the +1 channel, and alternate between the two, it causes the color to change while the brightness stays the same:

The light on the left is just there for reference. On the right is a BLF-A6 which changes tint every half second by changing which power channel is active… yellow, blue, yellow, blue, yellow, blue.

Maukka has also measured this effect in great detail, in most of his reviews. Look for his charts showing where the tint is at different output levels.

Very intresting and exactly what i meant in my light. I actualy really like it! Does the sst20 have more output on the 3x7135 level than the xpl hi?

Anyone notice/try Shockli green 26650 5250 mah cells? Unprotected and seem proper dimensions and specs. “On paper”, seems no difference from black except nominally more capacity (black says 5500).
Well, I found HKJ review now so I see it seems inferior to black, but has anybody used in their D4S?

Anyone measured the current draw of the new aux LED colours and if the efficiency is materially better or worse than the original cyan colour? I guess each colour would be in line with Lexel’s values stated for his custom D4 boards ?

I have ordered a few D4S in different aux-LED colors (I ordered not for my own, but for a local flashlight community here..)

I did test the power draw for the different aux-LEDs

(cyan & green are earlier batch)
aux-LED in "Low" mode --- in "High" mode
cyan: 0.07-0.08mA -- 1.1-1.2mA
green: 0.07-0.08mA -- 1.1-1.2mA

(amber & red are a more recent batch)
aux-LED in "Low" mode --- in "High" mode
amber: 0.08-.09mA -- 1.5-1.6mA
red: 0.08-0.09mA -- 1.6-1.7mA

The current draw for the amber & red (recent batch D4S) are a bit higher than the cyan/green. Yet, the cyan and green aux-LEDs look MUCH brighter (when aux-LEDs are in "High" mode -- they are nearly as bright as the lowest Moon mode on the main light) Whereas, the red and amber aux-LEDs look quite dim (even if they measured higher current draw).

Aux-LEDs are in High Mode (camera exposure time is 1/25th second)

Aux-LEDs in Low mode (camera exposure time is 1 second, pardon the blurry pic)

(the D4S with blue aux-LED is using a frosty optic)

is there a tutorial or something to follow to flash anduril in the D4S?

In this very thread. Start reading from here:

thanks a lot, i’ve flashed many attiny13a but never tried with a tiny85, that post is a big help

Very interesting, thanks d_t_a! :beer:

I just measured the D4S with SST-20 3000k 95CRI at 2,328 lumens at 1s with my TA Lumen Tube. It is less rosy than the 3000k HD2 tinted emitters from Kaidomain and the SST20 3000k used in the NS22. It might be due to the optics. The XP-L HI v2 version measures about 3,577 lumens at turn on.

Also previously I read someone posted Hank said the 3000k is J4 flux bin but the spec sheet only shows it going up to J3 so not sure if Hank got a special batch or if the J4 was a mistake.

I have this exact light (well, it’s twin). You will love it. I had green Nichia also, until my wife commandeered it.

How much does D4S weigh?

Together with the battery, it weighs 223 grams.

Thanks komeko. Which battery was that?

Lii50 black

Until my 26650 cell arrives I’m using a Samsung 30Q held securely in place with foam. Weight is 176g. Feels good but very slightly unbalanced.

So about 127-128g empty. Thanks!

129g :+1:

Edit: that’s with a standard tailcap, i.e. no magnet