Emisar D4S review

Haikelite MT09R modified by TA

nice little lineup :+1:

; is that your complete selection ? looks like i could nearly copy that picture in a couple of days … In order to keep things right am I correct … ?

MT09R blue // D1S grey // MT09R green

Wuben E345 //Astrolux E01 green // D1 green // D4S green // D4 green / Astrolux TI3A // Thorfire TK01 // Wuben E503

Reylight Pineapple Mini // SWM Comet ? // Maratac AAA CU :heart_eyes:

I’m guessing the D1S is the black/sorta smooth one. :student:

Thank you! That’s about one third of my lights.

MT09R blue // D1S grey // MT09R green

Wuben E345 //Astrolux E01 green // D1 green // D4S green // D4 green / Astrolux TI3A // Thorfire TK01 // Wuben E350

Reylight Pineapple Mini // RovyVon A4Ti // Olight I3E CU :heart_eyes:

Good eye!

Peace to you!

Wait, you don’t have one of these??? I’m confused. I figured surely you’d have a MT09R…

Am I being “punked?”

Any idea whether your black Liitokala is genuine or not, assuming there is fake Liitokala 26650 cells now??? Do you remember roughly when you ordered your Liitokala? And if you have an analysing charger, do you mind checking the capacity of your Black Liitokala 26650 cells?

I was all set to order a pack of 4 Black Liitokala 26650 cells from them till I noticed several more recent posts suggesting Liitokala Official Store on AE also sells fake non-Liitokala cells, so I am starting to wonder if they sell fake Liitokala cells too??? See post here today by ledoman indicating their Panasonic NCR18650B are fakes! Here is another post by Barkuti indicating he has received fake Samsung 25R cells from them as well.

Littokala Aliexpress store!

Yourrid, I don’t have a Haikelight of any kind. Don’t recall seeing that one but the color of that blue/purple is amazing!

Of course, I built my own triple 70.2 from scratch last year that makes 20,000 lumens plus so…

You really need to get a MT09R man. I got one modded by TA in blue; looks fantastic and does 21,000 lumens. I love the blue finish on it.

The SC26 group buy is still going on I think. Cool little light, same blue finish, but it badly needed a different driver and UI. I’ve been searching for a 28mm boost driver with Narsil and side switch LED support, but haven’t found any yet.

I don’t know how small pogo pin arrays go

These are down to 1.27mm pin pitch

That would be ~4mm wide in 3x2

And there should be smaller pogos for BGAs
But how to get and to what costs I don’t know.

Can u buy it from TA directly or do you have to buy it from banggood first and then send it to TA for modding?

You can buy it from BG and have it shipped to TA for modding. But the new V2 already comes with the TA designed driver and also have factory spring bypasses. The only thing you might want TA to mod is the emitters. We don’t know what bin emitters the factory comes with but TA can help you put in top bin emitters of a color temperature of your choice.

Anyone know how you ramp the Aux LEDs? I clicked 7 times to get it to low Aux, but when I click again it just goes into ramping of regular leds. Curious to see how bright those blue aux leds could get.

The aux LEDs are only active when the light is off, or locked, and each of these two “off” modes can be configured to operate in four ways:

Low (~0.03 mA)
High (~0.90 mA)
Beacon (high for 0.5s, then off for ~3.5s, then repeat) (avg ~0.11 mA)

Yeah, the aux LEDs don’t ramp. The ‘high’ mode on them is as bright as they get, but you can change that by swapping out the resistor on the aux LED board.

Got my Green Emisar from Mtn Electronics today, so I cleaned the contacts and springs with NO-OX-ID “A” Special and popped a Black and Gold Liitokala charged to 4.21v set the meter on the T/A maukka calibrated tube to MAX hold….and got 4,840lm. at turn on…

Spaced the battery tube out with (2) 2mm x27mmx30.5mm copper sealing rings, so I didn’t crush the springs, when using a full charged 4.21v 21700 30T and registered 6,070lm. at turn on…

Bad to the Bone stock Rocket! :+1: And yes it still works fine… :person_facepalming:

Thanks. I still can’t seem to get it into “high” mode. I do the 7 clicks to get it to aux LED, but no matter what I do after that, it still seems to be on low.

Holy smoke. Almost 5000 lumen . Thanks for the test kiwi.

The low is very low…hardly noticeable before the “high” mode. It can be hard to see in a lit room…

The “high” mode is far from “high” as lumens go…its almost moonlightish

Goto OFF, try seven clicks and turn off the lights and see if it is barely glowing…

Thanks so much! You’re totally right. I couldn’t even tell when it was on low mode because there is still a good deal of light in the room. It is very faint.

Great! Glad it works!

Its a wonderful fistful of stupid bright light…and the UI is awesome!

Thanks TK!