Emisar D4S review

Did it come off cleanly? That would be much easier indeed except I’m not 100% sure about it.

Oh yeah it comes right off, though the DC-FIX is trash after that; one time use only.

i only ran it for like 4 minutes so i’m not sure how it affected the beam overall

Thanks. Will try it once the light gets here. I’ll try to take pictures too.

Overall I love the new firmware! I love the new stepped ramping. Good job ToyKeeper. Thanks for all of your hard work.

I do have some feedback after using it a few days. The most annoying feature is not being able to exit momentary mode without pulling the battery. I understand why momentary mode has no exit. In my opinion it should take more than 4 clicks to activate it since the mode has no exit function built in. Because of timing idiosyncrasies I always seemingly activate momentary mode instead of lockout when the light is off. I find that I have to slow down my clicking. The fact that I have pull the battery to exit is frustrating, at least this is open source so I am going to reflash it with some changes.

The other other feedback that I have is that it takes longer for the light to turn off when in ramping mode. I guess because it is waiting to see if there is any more user input? But the delay seems oddly long.

I appreciate the flashing breakout being accessible.

Current on Turbo was everything between 11 and 18 Amps on turbo. It’s highly dependant on how hard you press on the battery while measuring. If you have short cells, I could imagine you’re missing out on quiet some current. Guess a bypass would be beneficial.

Is double click turbo affected by my ramp ceiling? I didn’t press anything when setting the ceiling, so I assume it’s on maximum? Well if I double click from off and then double click again when it’s on, it gets a bit brighter. is this intended? I thought turbo is turbo. Edit: This just happens with the stepped mode, on ramping double click is full power directly.

The V3 UI fits on the D1 and D4, but if you’re going to flash them, you may as well upgrade to Anduril. It’s what I use, at least.

I also find it inconvenient that momentary is 4 clicks and lockout is 6 clicks. This is fixed in Anduril, which uses 4 clicks for lockout.

If you feel the click timeout is too long, change a couple of definitions and re-compile the code. Specifically, change these:

#define HOLD_TIMEOUT 24

Each unit (tick) is 16 ms, so one second is 62 ticks. Higher values make it easier to enter long sequences, lower values make the entire interface respond faster.

Double-click from off goes to the current ramp’s ceiling.

Double-click while on goes to full turbo.

In config modes, if you don’t press anything, the value is not changed.

Each ramp has its own ceiling and floor.

I hope you weren’t expecting 16k lumens from a light this size with a single battery, especially without active cooling. The tech for that doesn’t even exist yet.

Thanks for the link! Which of the 5 available would be best for flood? These should fit the D4S no problem?

Ah nice thanks for the explanation. Then I correct myself on the maximum current for the XP-L Hi version to be between 16.5A and 18A on a Golisi 4200 cell.

So maximum ceiling in config is reached by pressing once during ceiling setup? Seems like in stepped it’s lower than in ramping.
And how do I reach the 3x7135 mode in stepped mode? Also with twist off and on?

Let me thank you for this great piece of UI. Just had the flashlight out with me. It’s just such a pleasure to use. I need more of them.

What does D4S weigh, excluding cell?

Yes, but it’ll go to the nearest configured step instead of going exactly to the 3x7135 level.

Hi JordanZHP, I think C12288_ANGIE-W would be the best for flood judging from the 37degree viewing angle.

145g (5.1oz)


kept trying to compare, on a white wall, my new green D4S XP-L 3A to my grey D4 XP-L 3A….no way Jose!
I had to get out my Q8 to approximate the throw and brightness.

Me like 2time at least!

Thank you for pointing out the code changes!

well, the protected 26650 in my Rofis MR70 will not fit in my D4S (too long)
butt I can charge the Shockli IMR26650 5500mAh from RMM in the MR70 just fine
and I can use either in the MR70 to charge anything using USB for recharge
very handy and useful

I can’t speak for vendors in other countries, but after doing some Googling it looks like all the U.S.-based vendors are out of stock, and most list a 6 week lead time.

This might be a good thing for intl-outdoor or Mountain Electronics to stock…? I’d almost certainly buy one from them (assuming the cost of shipping weren’t $8 like Mouser. :weary: )

this D4S throws just as far as my Klarus XT11GTXHP 35 Hi! I’m new here so forgive my ignorance. I showed a buddy at work my newly acquired D4S and he instantly bought one yesterday from mtn! Toykeeper, I could see the smooth ramp function on this light alone selling Big to the general public! My wife’s mom thought it was.. and I quote, “a really nice mood light” lol.

Now the momentary tactical mode In my opinion is perfect! I love that it cannot exit this mode without untwisting the tailcap for a set amount of time. This is truly a re-invention of the modern day LED flashlight. This light is actually fun to operate and learn all the modes too with the flow chart!