Emisar D4v2 All Copper E21A nichia 3500k overview

Hello all ! At the suggestion of some commenters, they recommended I try a brand called Emisar. I read a few threads on here and decided to order the D4v2 in all copper. Got the light and here is the overview of my thoughts on it. I really enjoy the warm tint of the E21A 3500k look. I dont particularly care about high lumen output vs colour tint, higher cri, and run time.

Here is the video review.

I got it with the 18350 tube and an extra floody optic which is more floody than the optic inside the d4v2 and a stainless steel pocket clip for and extra fee. The light came with a lanyard as well as two spare o rings. I think the pocket clip is probably the only negative thing about the light and thats a good thing as the pocket clip has little to no retention and can be simply bent slightly to fix the issue. I am impressed with Hank’s shipping time as I paid extra for dhl and the light came within a few working days. Over all would recommend and very happy.

Mine is set with ramping from minimum to maximum, no turbo . With stepped ramp, the lowest is lit in my case . I think yours are asking a little more juice, so set it up to 2 or 3 as minimum ramp ; it is known . The stepped ramp memory is same as yours, it comes back at 2 . In lockout i get same as you but with directly 2 different output . Maybe this still related to your led neading a little more juice . I have a lower low in smooth ramp but i see only 1 minimum ramp setting .

I forgot the manual you can set a manual memory mode or automatic. Mine was set to manual. i set it back to auto so it should come on in whatever last ramp setting i Have. I’ve also setup my smooth ramp light you suggested and it works fine. This light’s tint is the best.

I like seeing a little pink in the color of my skin .

Congratulations on this honey colored gem. The copper is lovely. The quality is brilliant. It’s real small (or you got Knicks hands). Good review with costs, thoughts on performance and indoor/outdoor beamshots. You got me contemplating the D4v2 with the E21A.

Questions fossil: Does it seem heavy in your pocket?
You mentioned you like throwy lights, did this light satisfy that?

I want to be able to use it as a bike headlight occasionally and need a little throw riding in the city…maybe 100 feet on high mode. That tree did not seem very lit up at 35 feet.

Considering the quads (KR4 & D4v2) aren’t throwers compared to the KR1, would anyone suggest better throw LED choices for the quads? How about a floody emitter choice for the KR1 for the bike?

It is heavy in the pocket. I dont have a scale but if i had to guess its definitely 16oz or more with battery. My favorite type of light is an orange peel reflector with a glass optic. This quad is diffused enough for my needs as a thrower even though i wouldnt classify it as such. My need being such that as a hiker and finding lost hikers on the trail this would be nice if only looking at beam and tint. I’ve gotten that frosty optic but i havent switched it yet as I am happy with the current carclo optic. I would suggest perhaps fo your neeeds since youre riding a bike with something that can sustain on a 21700 battery instead of a 18650 format higher lumen output. The E21A does not have high lumen output so if you need high lumen output better to go with the xpl Hi emitters. SSt20 i think is a good compromise with lumen output and high cri and tint options with some tint shift maybe? I wouldnt recommend the copper d4v2 for biking as its too heavy and when you could just save money and get the aluminium version. The reasons why im willing to tolerate the weight of copper is I like the looks for one, two I like the idea no matter how impractical it is, but germ resistance, and three I do like the smell actually, fourth is mute but I like the idea of a light up switch (this also comes in titanium version), and finally fifth the heat tolerances and dissipation of copper material vs say titanium is different. Keep in mind 2500 iso doesnt show the accuracy of the sensitivity of the human eye so distance shots are very conservative, IE if you see out at 35-40ft in video , in reality you can expect about another 10-15ft more. My camera doesnt go high enough in the iso without sacrificing video quality to show what my eyes see. Its partly why I list several settings in all my videos for reference.

TLDR; It is heavy in the pocket. For pedestrian mobile its a good choice. For Bike Mobile it may not have the run time and output levels necessary to sustain your bike trip durations at night give the speeds you travel at vs walking or hiking in addition to your requirement of throw. Important note is that there is a bike mode in the blink mode options which I believe is useful at getting attention of people while riding at night and being able to see you pathway.

Thanks for the tips, TFC.
Mainly the light would be used in hand wandering around a campsite etc. The bike use is secondary.
A vintage bike in my collection would benefit from the aesthetics of a copper or brass light like the FW21 pro (21700!) or an Emisar/Noctigon like the copper KR1. Since the bike is not used for real overnight touring anymore the battery capacity is not as vital performance wise. XPL Hi sounds like a wise option for me. Thanks again.

For campsite use, order the optional floody optic and swap it with the clear optic that it comes with. The floody optic gives a very nice wide even beam. Great for use at close to moderate distances. Also, for campsite use, get a warm high CRI version. XPL HI sounds nice, because it’s bright, but it’s a lowish CRI coolish tint. Very ugly around a campsite at night, where you are used to a warm firelight.

The SST40 2700K version should be perfect around a campsite. I find it a little warm for general-purpose outdoor use (it’s very nice indoors), but if firelight is your main source of light, it should be a great complimentary light source.

Not great for bike use, obviously. Too floody, and not able to sustain a bright enough output for a long ride. It will eat through batteries too quick for bike use, unless you like changing batteries every hour.

Like walk said this light is great with the warmer tint options for around campsite use. use the floody extra optic, only costs another 3 or 4 bucks with the purchase and use that. I prefer 2700k to about 3500k temps personally. The e21a I have found is linear driven according to hank’s post here 21700 D4KTi COLORFUL version is available . a samsung 35e should be good enough with its extra capacity. just make sure to run the light on low steps in the step mode to maintain running power. If you need duration go with a 21700 light or 26650 one if you can find it.