Emisar D4V2 Flash Kit Instructions (Official How To)

I believe that you would just need some male to female Dupont jumper cables, such as in this set: 120 Stück 20cm Männlich zu Weiblich Weiblich zu Weiblich Männlich zu Männlich Farbige Steckbrücken Sale - Banggood Deutschland Mobile-arrival notice

No soldering required.

Firstly, welcome to the forum!

This is the image you were trying to show:

It didn’t work because you were linking to the page instead of the picture itself (click the “quote” button on my post to see how I did it).

For the D4S, you don’t need to solder anything (thankfully) as long as the USBasp that comes in the kit has removable wires between it and the pins (I’m thinking they will, but I don’t have one to verify).

You just need to get some Dupont wires (like these): Amazon.com
You need the female connector on one end to connect to the USBasp (thing with the USB port) and you could remove the connector at the other end and insert the wire directly into the programming holes on the D4S. No need to solder, just check the connection and then flash.

The only difference between the D4V2 and the D4S as far as avrdude is concerned will be that you replace “t1634” with “t85” in the command you type and of course the name of the file you are flashing (use the one for the D4S, not the D4V2). We’re happy to help answer additional questions as needed.

What are the minimum requirements for using the Android app? Any specific Android version? Can anyone recommend a cheap Android smartphone to use the flashlight kit with?

Hi kazibole & f0xx. Thanks for your quick replies I’m really tempted to order the kit from Hank but will hold off for a week or two and read about peoples experiences though you make it sound fairly straight forward with the Dupont wires. Thanks for mentioning the correct command for the D4S I’m used to working in Windows command prompt so should have no issues with the commands it was just connecting the kit to the D4S that was bothering me.

I’m hoping to become more active on BLF I got the flashlight bug after following the 18650 and 26650 review threads a couple of years a go and started out with an old 3AAA basic generic EDC light then moved to the Xtar Pilot II, then to a Wowtac A10 but it was the Emisar D4 thread that good me really hooked to BLF I spent days reading my way through the thread. I’ve been using a black D4 as my EDC with XPL-high 5000K for a year or so before ordering the D4S XPL-high 6500K exactly 1 year a go and have been using it as my primary EDC ever since and really loving the light. Both of my D4 V1 lights have the temp sensor issue where the reading is out by a big margin I had one which had accrurate readings but the leds died gradually but I just love the form factor of the D4S and the fact I get more runtime from using a good quality 26650 cell.

Once again, thanks for making me feel at home here.

Sounds like a good way to get started!

If you intend to update your D4’s (as in the plural of D4, not “D4S”), you may need an SOIC8 clip such as this one: Amazon.com

I don’t have this exact clip (the one I bought is listed as “currently unavailable”), but mine was about as cheap and works well enough for me. Banggood is another place where you can probably find it cheaper, but with slow Chinese shipping. I’ve heard that the Pomona branded clips are higher quality if that is desired.

You can put Anduril on them for more features if you wanted.

If your old D4’s have fried their emitters, it might be a good opportunity to start doing some mods (emitter swaps aren’t too bad). The Samsung LH351D in 5000k 90+cri is a favorite of mine.

I’m not sure if this applies to avrdude in Windows, but in Linux/Unix the command line is case sensitive. Just something to be aware of. If you fail a flash or the command doesn’t work, most of the time you can just adjust and try again.

My gray D4S is on the left, my green one is on the right.

Just another quick question please could anyone tell me if these 2 items from Ebay would let me flash Anduril to my D4S? I think the specs of the USBASP look fine for the D4S along with the Dupont wire. If both items seem fine I’ll order them as I’d love to have all the flashing modes to play with.

Sorry I’m completely new to firmware flashing but I’m both nervous and excited but willing to learn from the community.

USBASP programmer

I’m assuming the programmer will run at USB 5V but would like to confirm it will be fine for the D4S.

Dupont wire


They look fine yeah. My USBASP and DuPont leads arrived about a month ago, but like you I was a bit apprehensive to do it. I finally got round to reflashing my D4S on Thursday and it all went smoothly thanks to the brilliant walkthroughs on here! I just filed down the male side of 6 DuPont leads so that I could just push them in the holes of the D4S with a bit of resistance so they wouldn’t pop out again. I’ve now just ordered a SOIC8 clip so I can do my Q8!

Thanks TMaxxJJ I’ll order the USBASP tomorrow along with the Dupont wire glad to finally be making some progress. I’ll leave my D4 V1s with the stock firmware as they are running fine and I have absolutely no experience soldering but hopefully flashing the D4S should be fairly straight forward. I’ll ask for more help once the stuff has arived hopefully this week. I found the latest TK Anduril D4S hex file this morning so will grab AVDUDE and the driver utility from the first post when I attempt the flash operation. Thanks for the quick reply.

Those should work.

I found this post that will probably be helpful for the D4S: Emisar D4S review - #635 by zeroflow

Does your light match the left or right one in chinooker’s post (thank you for that chinooker!)?

Thanks for the D4S post showing the flashing process hopefully I don’t mess it up. Will order the USBASP and Dupont wire tomorrow

My black D4S has the same pin layout as Chinookers green D4S in his image. I’ll ask for help with the pin layout and wire connections when everythings arived.

I’ve posted an image of my D4S head below hopefully I’ve done it correctly.

I thought this thread was specifically for the D4V2 flashing only.

I subscribed to it based on the title "Emisar D4V2 Flash Kit Instructions (Official How To)" so I could get notifications (I'm getting them) whenever there was more info or tips on the process but now it seems to be about the D4 and D4S flashing.

Really sorry if I’m posting in the wrong thread could someone point me to the right location?


No worries!! I just get an email every single time this thread is posted in expecting info on flashing the D4V2.

Sorry, I don't know where the D4 thread is since I don't have one. I'm sure someone will chime in shortly.

Thanks for all the work on this Terry Oregon and especially ZozzV6!! Ordered my flash kit on Aug. 2nd and it shipped on Aug. 4th, using standard free shipping without tracking. I received it today but I wasn't expecting it for another week or so, so that's pretty quick to the center of the US in Kansas. I just flashed both of my D4V2's following the instructions by ZozzV6 using my Note 8. It was a piece of cake! Both lights are updated and the bonus is that if there are any F/W updates down the road, I can update as I please. I just wish I knew how to write code, then I could edit it and personalize Anduril specifically for me.

Of course, a huge thank you to Hank and TK for a fantastic light. I've been a Zebralight fan for years and have EDCed 2 of them (18650 lights) for a couple years now. The D4V2 is my first Emisar and won't be my last. It pushed my ZL SC600w mkIII HI out of my pocket when I received it a few weeks ago.

Received the flashing kit from Hank today and followed Terry’s instructions. Had my D4v2 updated within minutes. Thanks all!

I am using an old Samsung S5, the main thing is OTG support and I think either the S5 or S4 was the first in the Samsung line to include OTG support.

My flash kit is on the way from Hank, though my technical aptitude and adeptness is approximately nil. I only have a Mac, so I will try following the instructions posted earlier in the thread by f0xx. I might need some help once I get to the point of using avrdude, though… maybe someone could help me? :slight_smile:

I would be happy to help. Terry Oregon’s instructions on that part are pretty thorough, but if you need some extra pointers or specific help feel free to send me a PM.

The truly “tricky” part is resourcing the files, flasher and flashing hardware on your own by reading a bunch of scattered posts that discuss different and hard to reach chips with fidgety wires and disassembling flashlight heads.

This will be really easy. You are given/bought all the correct hardware that is precisely compatible with the chip in the light, and all the software/links for this specific light are also provided.

Access to the chip to flash is a mere touch of the pins to the easy to reach pads/vias. No “tech” work at all.