Emisar D4v2 leaked

I’m not sure this is a bad thing. The tightly packed 7135s on the visible side of the FW3A driver leave them vulnerable to damage or shorts, force them to use a smaller spring, and don’t leave room for a programming header. There’s no obvious choice here.

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/57210”: Official announcement (as if it needed one)

The text in the link is correct, but clicking on the link leads to an error page.

I fooled around with this for a few minutes and finally gave up. I clicked the link after your comment above and it worked, maybe you clicked while I was still fooling around. Never did figure out why I could not get it to format how I wanted, I’m guessing the ()`

EDIT: The only one that works is in Terry Oregon’s post, can’t figure this one out, over trying . . . . :person_facepalming:

This should work:


thanks guys, I was going to go back and edit, but no need now.

It’s because the symbols were included in the url

Not sure how to do code samples on this forum (the usual BB Code isn’t working), but the easiest way to avoid the problem is just to have a space on each side of a URL like this: 21700 D4KTi COLORFUL version is available

Actually… YES! :partying_face:

Just a quick note: I got the go-ahead to talk about the D4V2, so I plan to put up a review-ish thing soon. (not sure it really counts as a review since I was involved in the development, but hopefully it’ll at least answer everyone’s questions)

The short version is: It’s the same retina-searing D4 people have enjoyed for the past couple years… but better. And some of the upgrades are brand new things which aren’t found anywhere else. Some of it is immediately visible, like the multi-color aux LEDs… but some of it is hidden under the hood — Hank invested in building new foundations for the next generation of lights. Others will no doubt try to copy the improvements as fast as they can, since that’s how the game works… but hopefully people will at least remember it’s Emisar leading the way.

Is it mainly the upgrade and rewrite for the Tiny1634 which is a huge change?

Hello, I found this and already ordered mine !!! I always buy Emisar from this site … D4V2 already exists!


Take that, Lumintop.

It likely has programming VIAs, the switch is hopefully recessed to prevent the D4 pocket-rocket's infamous in-pocket-launches and if there's a new MCU that's good news too. Also we have to count the RGB aux LEDs, which are a step up. Depending on the hardware capability, it could just be a matter of "more coding work MORE" before people do really interesting things with JUST those LEDs.

The funny thing is, Hank already has sone SO MANY things right with his lights that we can still rarely get other manufacturers to check the same boxes. Like:

  • High current springs
  • Small form factor
  • Quality machining
  • Good Optics (I'm remembering in particular a comparison between the D1S and one of the smaller GTs where the Emisar had a much better reflector, but I have no source; also, definitely a shot at Lumintop's recent scandal)
  • Interesting Colors (for the lights, I don't need more black lights and I'm running out of room for gray)
  • Sells almost everything separately, which is super useful for replacement parts
  • NO GLUE (like, is it really that hard?)
  • Good UI (rampingOS isn't Anduril but half the time we can't keep HML or LMHML or whatever crap out of lights still)

Yeah, it’s really amazing.

It rarely happens, but Hank is the example of what happens when someone likes doing their hobby as their job.

I’d like to iterate too on your points.

- High current springs. The 1st bang for buck manufacturer to actually use high quality Beryllium copper springs.

- Small farm factor. Tolerances must be very small, so it’s great that we can have a small light.

- Same thing.

- Good optics too. The reflector on the D1S had better plating on the reflector, which didn’t affect the beam or output, but made for a higher looking quality light

- Yeah. Especially white. White is expensive to anodize.

- Props to this too.

- Quality engineering means no glue is required. Unlike some companies, Apple, cough.

  • Good UI. God this.

Well, I thought I was done for a while (yeah, right), but since I do not have an Emisar (what is WRONG with me?), I will have to get one of these. Im looking forward to TK’s write up, a lot. Interesting that the SST-20s are only 100 lumens less than the XPLs.

Looking forward to the review :+1: :+1:

Just to be clear, only the non high-CRI SST’s are 100 lumens less than the XPL’s. The high CRI versions are 1300 lumens less.

Yeah, I saw that. They must get really hot.

I am very much looking forward to it!

I prefer the term used in the music synthesizer industry… GAS.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome

It works especially well for flashlights… because if someone posts a review and makes you question how you ever lived without it, they’re GASlighting you. :smiley: