Emitter identification

What is this emitter? Is it the XP-G3?

~5100K, ~82 CRI, ~0.07 DUV

It has that aura of evil around it, so yeah, 99% sure it’s a hateful little G3.

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Very likely XP-G3

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it’s got the Cree rainbow :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully forgotten soon

Can you slice and dice it to remove the phosphor around the die?

Yes, you can do this, but you have to work very carefully and with high precision not to damage the LED chip or the phosphor layer above it.
The quality of the light pattern with optics improve a lot with this method, but is still not as perfect as with Nichia emitters or old XP-G2…

I got a few LuxPro lights with those hateful little G3s, and some nice dense diffusion film evens out the beam to make it nice and floody, as well as get rid of any fried-egginess in the beam.

I tried heavy diffusion film on some of my lights, hated it. It makes the light have ZERO throw.

That’s the whole point. All my in-the-house lights are as floody as I can get them. My “throw” only needs to be 10ft or so at most to go grubble around in a cabinet or in the basement or under the couch.

If I want a thrower, I got plenty to pick from, from pretty powerful but wider beam lights like my IF22A, to pencil-beams like my CatMini, GTmicro, and about a dozen C8ish mutants.

Those lights with the most hateful little emitters like G3s, I slather on the diffusion film to hide a multitude of sins and make a trash beam actually useful.

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You mean xp-g4? I have the Loop Sk03 with that led and like it, but the tint…pushes to the blue/purple side of the BBL behind the TIR. Compared to the xpg3 it is better, but not like you get with a more traditional CSP LED like a 519A.