Emitter Test Results pt4: XML2, XP-E2, XP-G2, and Nichia219! (along with sinkpad tests)

Match, a huge thanks to you for doing all this testing!

thanks for all the awesome data Match and I’ll join the others in sadness that you’ll be hanging up your Fluke and integrating sphere :frowning:

Is there Vf vs. current graph for xm-l2 on sinkpad?

A friend just pointed this out to me: Lightmall are now using these graphs on their XM-L2 product page and claiming “1770 lumens” on some of their XM-L2 torches.

They prove they can't understand the CREE datasheets too much, "maximum driver current 6200mA". They neither specify the bin of the XM-L2, they don't understand that either.

Actually there are many stores that simply copy the other store and I am sure they don't even understand what they sell, but since it's popular on the forums they got to sell it.

since they don’t point out theirs is not a sinkpad (or even mentioning the word sinkpad or massive amounts of heatsinking), i can imagine some non forum person thinking they can buy this and put 6200mA into it then seeing the puff of smoke or potential fire

I hope Match was compensated appropriately.

Anyone know where to find a Vf plot of XML? Want to compare it to XM-L2 - can't seem to find it - these test results are scattered all over the place.

Update: This XML test result was from 2011, before he did Vf's: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2346, so not sure if XML's were re-tested.

If this is where the journey comes to a halt your contributions will still remain the yardstick of greatness.

Thank you for all your work and I hope you still find some amusement in the hobby.

fire? I guess you haven’t killed many LEDs

anyway, lightmalls is way out of line

This is one of the most informative threads I’ve read in BLF.

Thank you very much Match for doing all these. :slight_smile:

We’re going to miss you Match. :_( I hope all is going well in your life…

Why? What happened to Match? :~

he ran out of Matches :open_mouth:

Thank You Match, for all the work you’ve done on these. Excellent source of information and dares us to raise the bar.

This is great information, i love this forum!

BS? I don’t think that’s an appropriate term for a newbie to be using about somebody that has helped this forum as much as Match.

I’m not sure what you mean by the question Bob. Why would they as you asked BS? Match is a member here that has given more to this forum than most others. No one stays here forever for whatever reason. Maybe he is ill, who knows, its a fact of life in this virtual world we live in.
I personally hope Match is ok and wish him all the best.

Match’s results seem to be valid. The BS is the way some people have misconstrued or misused the data.

Match did his emitter tests on a rig that has massive amounts of heatsinking, which he discussed here.

But it seems like some people think or are trying to sell others on the idea that XML2 can be driven to 6A in a small-ish host and expect the same results as Match got on his testing rig. That would be BS.

I, for one, use Match’s numbers almost daily. I know Engineers that are designing lights that also have this page bookmarked. The numbers are good. The methodology is good. Match did some hellacious work here and a great many of us appreciate it.

If you doubt the numbers, instead of calling bullshit why don’t you do the work and show us your findings? I’m sure we would all appreciate your comprehensive skills used to enlighten us on today’s most modern technology.

Please, we would all like to see a fresh new approach. We will be anxiously awaiting your results…