emitter ?

thinking of putting together a light .

emitter options are xml t6 or sst50

gonna push it with 1x18650/1x26650,2x18650/2x26650

sst50=more otf less run time ?

xml t6=less otf more run time ?

don't have a clue bout the driver

what do u think

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at this thread. You'll notice that the xm-l is most likely the better choice all around, except for the extreme higher end.

As far as drivers go, just pick out what lumen output you want from the graph, note the current requirements, then find one to match. Very generalized answer, I know....but spot on considering the limited criteria listed. Canned answer? Go with this one :)

Dude! extremely helpful. makes the decision much easer.

? on the driver, should i worry bout volt prot?

Personally, I wouldn't bother. Before the cell voltage drops even remotely close to doing damage, light output will be anemic at best.... In other words, you'll know it's time to recharge.

Hey Match, when do you plan on testing the XP-G to it's limits? I know you mentioned in a previous post about doing so. I'm looking forward to a chart similar to the XM-L testing linked above. I'd like to know the limits of the XP-G and it's "sweet spot".


Sad thing is...It's done and I've had the data now for a few months. Every time I sit down to post it, something seems to come up. I'll try and post it shorty.

Thanks Match! I'm sure you'll post it as a new thread. Just take it a step at a time. Get the data posted, and add to it / clean it up as you go. I refer to that XM-L chart all the time and look forward to one for the XP-G!


Thats great news about the XP-G data. It's amazing how often I refer to that post\data.

i second that

u shld sticky it