ENDED! 3000 Posts - time for a giveaway!

To my left I have my trusty Cal 2s, some 100lb spectra line I’m using for lanyards and wrapping, my little TF SA-2 with it’s new little wrap at the back, a China ceramic knife that is mostly a letter opener and a good ol’ Pilot G2 0.38. And the scene is nicely lit with my F13.

To my left is a white ceiling with two lights and a sprinkler.

Congratulations on the 3K.

That is one sweet giveaway!!! :love:

To my left:

Naaaaaa -wrong animal. This is on my left

-caught in one of its usual plotting moments. Plotting something like, jumping from the back of the sofa to my crotch (12kg MaineCoon concentrated in two front paws ... ), or to walk all over the laptop keyboard when I go to get some coffee.

I’m in! As I look left, I see my sleeping 6 month old daughter.


G'Day Herr Martin,

I'm in.

When I look to my left I see a big mess, and when I look to my right I see an even Bigger mess.

Summary: wherever I look there is a HUGE mess. The only exception being straight ahead where I see the BLF forum on my monitor.

Thank you Very Much,

Best Regards,


I am in! Congrats on 3k posts! On my left I see only a white wall. Boring, yes I know. :slight_smile: Here is a picture of it:

Good idea for a GAW, thank you.

On the left I can look out of the window and I see only darkness

I’ll stay out of this one but would like to congratulate you for the 3k posts. Thanks you for the great deals, and the very generous giveaway and wish that your employment situation may improve soon.

I see a hallway to my left :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opportunity!


3000 posts. :open_mouth:

That’s very generous of you to spend $100 on a giveaway! 0:)

Midnight in England, I’m in bed.

You can see my bedroom curtains.

Congrats on the 3K
On my left is the window and it’s raining outside.

Congratulations on your 3k posts. And thank you for the opportunity to join such a generous GAW.
I am sitting at the table with a sleeping miniature schnauzer on a pillow at my feet and on my right side a window overlooking (well, it’s night) my back garden.
On my left right now I see my dim lit livingroom and a couch with on it a sleeping standard schnauzer. Both are snoring softly, a very relaxing sound.

well i took a picture to my left using my EA11 at max bounced off the ceiling as a flashlight… but didn’t realize couldn’t upload directly to budgetlightforum… so description it is -

to my left
bunch of cheap 1xAA lights, some olights (just got S1 today. awesome!), EA11, peak eiger, lumintop, and bunch of li-on batteries alongside D2 charger.

i got my first order of li-ons last night, so have been playing with them.

My French bulldog and my S2 for ceil bouncing light…oh and a Xiaomi 10000mAh powerbank

As I look to the left , on the laptop screen I see a DX soul (DX.COM) ad and as I look to my hard left , a cabinet with x2 watches ,

x2 Maglites , some :beer: , several different types of liquor and wines that I no longer drink and other stuff sitting on top it.

At my left is an old XP laptop that I just fired up to update it’s security.

I’m in…when I look to the left, I see my 8 year old son playing Star Wars Battlefront on PS4.

When i look to the left all i can see is the wall, just white wall. Congratulations on you 3k.

I’m in, congrats to your 3k!
When I look to the left is my doorway.

Thanks for the giveaway, M4D M4X!

When I look left I see my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Charlie.

Good dog!