ENDED! 3000 Posts - time for a giveaway!

Congratulations on reaching 3000 plus posts and thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Thanks also for the awesome discount codes you and Banggood offer the community.

To my direct left at this moment is a Epson XP-520 printer sitting on a short wooden file cabinet and a 3-foot tall stool and the door to my study/computer room.

When I look to the left, I see the screen of my tablet on my nightstand. Thanks for the giveaway.

Window with screen on my left, door on my right, big mess all around. Between the golf clubs, fishing poles, ski vests and luggage are mass quantities of books, records and just plain old junk. However, I do straighten it all out once a year, when filing my tax returns.

Count me in.

To my left on my desk is my acebeam k40m, my goto perimeter check light.

Congrates, and thanks for the opportunity to win.

What I see to my left right now is the bedroom window curtain which a new flashlight may shine through :bigsmile:

It’s all about timing. To my left, I see a roll of toilet paper. :frowning:

What I see is my kids hanging out the washing while bickering and arguing…

Thanks madmax….To my right side in my PC room….the window! lol

to the left of me

to the right :smiley:

Well done 3000 posts.

I’m in. When I look to the left, I see my 2 daughters playing with playmobil Nativity scene

Congrats on reaching 3000 posts!!
Thanks for the chance. :party:
My dog looked in the door(young Golden retriever)

My left side is a wall right now :smiley:

When I look left i see my brother’s yamaha keyboard.

Congratulations on 3000 posts.Im in.

Count me in.

Looking left, I see the box of chocolate chip cookies I have been munching while I catch up on happenings at BLF!

Thanks for this generous giveaway.

Thanks Martin for this giveaway .

To my left

And on my left right now… a box of legos

My dad working on a presentation.

I’m in my man-cave above the garage. You have chosen the wrong way for me to look :wink: To my right I have a view on my garden. And it is raining.
What I see to my left right now is junk, lots and lots of it. And a few flashlights :evil:

Thanks for the very nice giveaway!
Also a nice idea to have multiple winners :slight_smile:

  • a phone but that was used to take the picture.

The deskfan is really not necessary over here right now, but I just keep it there year round.