[ENDED] Agro's 1500 posts giveaway

Ho ho ho ho! This prize won’t arrive before Christmas.
Anyway, it’s time for a GAW!

  1. Prize
    Recently I acquired some nice Samsung INR18650-35E batteries. These are from disassembled unused battery packs, so may be somewhat old but otherwise should be very good and I view them as truly BLF-worthy. I’m giving away 2 sets of 4 batteries.
  2. Shipping
    Battery shipping is frequently problematic. My country causes no troubles, so I can ship anywhere and know they will arrive at the border. Then they may get lost. I can ship batteries anywhere, but if you expect they won’t arrive at your place please don’t enter.
  3. GAW start
  4. GAW end
    When I do my 1500th post. Should be a couple of months.
  5. Who can enter
    Any BLF user, but please note point (2).
  6. How to enter
    Just express your willingness to enter in this thread
  7. Winner selection
    2 winners will be picked randomly
  8. Special rule
    BLF reviewers will have their chances to win doubled. Any review of a flashlight / charger / battery / measuring equipment / flashlight part etc. counts, as long as it’s placed on BLF. Links to external sites don’t count. If you have such review, please link to it in your entrance post.
  9. Special rule 2
    Merry Christmas!

Entries, up to post #34:

  1. Lexel
  2. Lexel
  3. Yokiamy
  4. giorgoskok
  5. giorgoskok
  6. Henk4U2
  7. Gea2427
  8. Billy X
  9. evankouros
  10. Nev
  11. Mike C
  12. nofearek9
  13. nofearek9
  14. A_M_K
  15. yelve
  16. dw911
  17. jpil
  18. contigo
  19. solRNY
  20. Kozy
  21. scarnific
  22. Bort
  23. Bort
  24. ste-zo
  25. matg
  26. niraya
  27. jerryg
  28. Snoballz
  29. Tender
  30. TheBo
  31. wle
  32. wle
  33. argolite
  34. argolite
  35. lichtpfadfinder
  36. pennzy
  37. Franz
  38. Lightbringer
  39. Lightbringer
  40. Ag76
  41. G0OSE
  42. Zulumoose
  43. ikkentobi
  44. Schoki
  45. Guns712
  46. d_t_a
  47. Illumenated


To Germany should be possible from Poland likely not transported by plane

Reviews read my signature for most important

Count me in.
Thanks for the GAW

Thanks for the gaw !

Here is my lates review : Review : Amutorch JM70 xp-l hi , single cell VFM thrower

Congrats on your 1K and upcoming 1500. Been enjoying your contributions here at BLF.

I'm not entering as I just won your 500 post giveaway. What a wonderful gift that was. I just posted a thank you in that thread here when I saw that you have started this giveaway.

It was a long wait…that’s why I didn’t make a 1000 post GAW, I didn’t want to start another without finishing the previous one…

Please count me in.
Shipping to my country won’t be difficult, I guess.
Thank you.

Count me in. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the upcoming 1500 posts.

Count me in.Slow train to France,no problem.Nice GAW,thanks.

I’m in, thanks for the GAW. :+1:

I’d like to be in please.

Nice giveaway! I’m in. I’ve received cells shipped to Sweden without issue.

Well done on upcoming 1500 posts :+1:

i am in,thanks.

Thanks for the GAW, Agro! :+1: :beer: I’m in! :smiley:

i am in,thanks.

Im in
Many thanks for the giveaway

I am in, thanks!

in, zinggggg

Count me in.
Thanks for the GAW :slight_smile: