Ended-Allmaybe Giveaway 3 New Chargers

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Many many thanks. Good luck To all

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I am in! Thank you.

I am in. Thank you.

Nice giveaway. I assume that you have sent the new model to HKJ for review.

I’m still using the excellent CU6 charger you kindly sent me a year ago (free) when there was some confusion over availability on eBay in the UK. No problems at all with it, and I keep it switched on 24/7.

Since I already have had one freebie, I’ll pass on this giveaway, but good luck to everyone.

I am in. tks

They have promised my one, but DHL like it very much (It has been on their truck the last two days).

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Thanks for not making this Facebook-Only like many others!

Very interesting.

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I am in.
Thanks. :smiley:

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Thanks for the givaway!
I am in. :beer:
EU. :+1:

Thank you!

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…I’m in, thanks!

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I am in!!

Thank you

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I am in! Like Flynn!