[Ended] Fireflies Bundle Deal Survey + Giveaway


I AM in (on) this one. :wink:

I’m in, but I was hoping for the return of the NOV-MU.

Chip shortage. Maybe in August/September.

In and completed the survey.

Eh…………… Thanks, but no thanks.

EDIT: Changed my mind.

IN and did the survey.

What’s the worst that can happen: I don’t win a free light.

I’m in … survey complete.

Well, I did it…let’s see how it goes.

I’m in. I’ll give it a try.

I dont get it.
I want to fill out the survey, but instead it seems to want me to create a survey.

:+1: :beer:

I’m in and entered the survey.

I don’t have any fireflies yet but, the PL09MU looks nice.

I like those Antique Brass lights. I filled it out, I’m always ok with free lights.

Not sure it is according to **Tips and reminders about giveaways** | BudgetLightForum.com

it doesn’t ask you to sign up to fill out the form.

gl to those participating.

I’m in, entered the survey.


In and completed survey

Thankx Fireflies. Congratulations to the winners (thought no BLF members).