The firmware looks like a mash between RampingIOS and Narsil. What is it?


I have the GT Mini and the ODL20C on order form Banggood. They just arrived in Chicago so I should have them in another week or so. I really like this size/shape/style of light with the side click controls- I guess because I grew up with Maglites. This design just feels right for night time walks and the built-in charging on the ODL20C and FT02 makes these perfect for my work truck.

BTW, weights of a few single-cell reflector throwers larger than C8 (w/out battery, manufacturer data):

  • Lumintop GT Mini 150g
  • Emisar D1S 151g
  • Nitecore P30 165g
  • Manker U22 183g
  • Thrunite Catapult V6 192g
  • Acebeam T27 230g
  • Astrolux FT02 258g
  • Convoy L2 279g
  • Manker U21 290g
  • Lumintop ODL20C 300g
  • Utorch UT02 306g
  • Amutorch JM70 311g

Green are 18650, orange 21700, red 26650

With a high-capacity cell (GA/Tesla/Shockli):

  • Lumintop GT Mini 198g
  • Emisar D1S 199g
  • Nitecore P30 213g
  • Manker U22 252g
  • Thrunite Catapult V6 288g
  • Acebeam T27 309g
  • Astrolux FT02 327g
  • Convoy L2 375g
  • Manker U21 386g
  • Lumintop ODL20C 396g
  • Utorch UT02 402g
  • Amutorch JM70 407g

Weird, Amutorch JM70 certainly felt lighter than Convoy L2.

Oh heck why not…. ADD ME TO THE LIST!!!

More comprehensive comparison based on manufacturer data
|Light|lowest price (shipped)|cell|weight empty|weight loaded|claimed lm|claimed kcd|tested kcd|
|Lumintop GT Mini|$32?|18650|150g|198g|1200|135|125 138 145 |
|Emisar D1S|$35|18650|151g|199g|1300|130|124 124|
|Nitecore P30||18650|165g|213g|1000|95|112|
|Manker U22||21700|183g|252g|1500|65||
|Thrunite Catapult V6||26650|192g|288g|1700|140|185 195|
|Acebeam T27||21700|230g|309g|2500|348||
|Astrolux FT02|$4x.99?|21700|258g|327g|2200|180||
|Convoy L2||26650|279g|375g|1100||142|
|Manker U21||26650|290g|386g|1300|124|79 96 120 121 127|
|Lumintop ODL20C|$52?|26650|300g|396g|2000|185|192 |
|Utorch UT02|$29?|26650|306g|402g|1300|124|75 98|
|Amutorch JM70|$39?|26650|311g|407g|1200|264|205 216 230|

I welcome help in filling out the blanks. And corrections.
What other lights deserve mention?

Count me in, interested






Please put me on the list.

Mine is just a prototype copy. They are still working on the firmware and performance upgrade.

Based on what’s listed in post #1, I don’t see any resemblance to Narsil or RampingIOS. This light probably uses it’s own unique ramping UI.

I am in for one …Thanks.

Utorch UT02 is same size as Lumintop ODL20C

These are single cell mini/ medium size thrower class.

Agreed! :-)


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