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interested if it’s still available!

T1 now available at GB what about the code and what is new price mean better or worse ?

I’m in for 2 more….

In for two


On a review on GB I just read this lamp offers custom tint? How on earth would I set that? I can only switch between cold and warm tint and set the brightness respectively.

Dbl tap then press and hold and it will transition between the two colors. It’s a wonky UI for sure.


From on -> double tap to enter mode for tint ramp -> long hold to adjust tint (release and long hold again to change directions) -> single tap to confirm selection

Jay and JasonWW :slight_smile: Nice, thanks for the prompt help guys!

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I still dont understand what this mode is for and how it is useful. I understand the tint changes and you can go directly from cool to warm in a single ramp but how does that affect how the lantern operates when you are in either the individual cool or warm modes…. Can someone explain?

I’m interested in 1

Instead of selling two versions, one CW and one WW and having people complain the CW is too blue or the WW is too yellow and why is there no NW, etc… they let you choose the color you want. It gives their lantern an advantage compared to their competitors. It’s an advantage for them in that they only make one version. You can’t mistakenly ship the wrong tint to a customer which would cause them to lose money “fixing” the mistake. :wink:

I think that answers your question. Let me know if I misunderstood.

If I understand correctly from this thread, you can configure the warm light mode to use a mix of the cool emitters and the warm emitters, say run the CW leds at 40% and the WW leds at 60,instead of running the WW leds at 100 and the CW leds at 0%. That creates an intermediate tint that may be more pleasant for some eyes than the extremes.

There is no separated warm light mode, it’s the mixed/custom mode that happens to be set by default as 100% warm.

I’m still perplexed by the confusing UI (I just leave it on WW and just tweak the brightness if I really need to), but I think there’s WW mode, CW mode, and mixed-mode, so 3.

I think that’s correct. You can switch between CW and the custom mode back and forth and each have their own brightness level. I’ll try to make a video of it.

It is giving my Note 4 fits trying to film it. It may take a few days so I can try some different techniques.

I’m interested in 2

Well Kinda…………….

If mine is just ‘on’ I have it on lowest WW (reportedly 24/7= 3 weeks) and if I need more light I tap it once to go to the highest CW… then when I am though I tap it once to go back to the low WW. I leave it on most of the time and recharge every couple of weeks.

If the “third” mode is just a mixed tint mode that doesnt affect the other CW and WW modes, then I understand. Just seems I read somewhere about changing & saving a tint, Im still not sure that is possible or if so if has anything to do with the other two(CW/WW) modes.

Thanks for your 2 cents ………