If they made the base out of aluminum it should fix the overheating issue, maybe add a few mild fins to the base as well. Although this would increase the cost.


Any updates on this deal?

I have this lamp too ist bigger for sleeproom

Woah! So it’s a whole new model similar to the T1, but bigger that has RGB leds, a clock and speakers in it? Neat. :smiley:

yes i like it you can set the color you wish on hold (+–16 € on ebay)

It doesn’t look like it is battery powered? Only AC powered?

Integrated 3600ma battery and usb charging

Gearbest link

Very interesting, I have liked the few utorch’s I have seen.

Any reviews?

Any good codes?

This one’s output seems much lower. There’s also a lot less of any one color leds.

Oh, it’s way bigger as well. So that helps reduce heat.

and I thought it was determined that the T1 didnt have heat issues unless using a defective battery …. did I miss something?

Yes, even a ‘bad’ cell (high IR, etc.) will heat up substantially even when charged.

It doesn’t have heating problems.

That’s pretty much the case it seems. It can heat a battery to around 50°C to 55°C. Most cells have an operating range of up to 60°C or 70°C depending on the cell.

I worded that badly.

It is still safe and does not appear to go over the limits of any of the components.

It does get unnecessarily hot due to a bad heat path though. I should of asked if this lantern has a better heat path.

Look what I did… TCLO!

After another fishing trip last night where my T1 was half dead before even arriving at the secrete fishing spot cause it got turned on high in my bag I was determined to get TCLO working without use of a paper disk and I accomplished it with ~8” of Teflon pipe tape!

That’s neat…. but I wonder how many screw/unscrew cycles before it needs to be redone?

Even if it needs redone once a month it’s better than the other options [none] and a lifetime supply costs 99¢…

any update on the next batch?


Previous sale rep left the company last month. I have yet to receive an answer from his successor.