Thanks for the post. I understand the XP-G3 on high is 5100 and the Nichia is 6800, Wich is strange… however another site states the Nichia is 3,400~ on high. I really wish we had some solid realistic comparisons. Now my question leaves heat on the 219c variant and how much it will effect the turbo runtime vs the XP-G3.

The nichia is around 3000 on high

Here is the nichia mcpcb wired up for lexel’s TA narsil driver. It doesn’t look pretty but it gets 17000 lumens on startup.

Interested…XP-G3 on list please!

I assume your only interested in the V2 lights, correct?

Yeah, this second wave.

On a side note, doing some digging on the forums, I found this nice chart comparison of the XP-G3.

Wow, now that kinda sucks… the XP-G3 version was to be available on Dec. 6th, Now it’s been pushed back to 15th December 2017. :confused:

I’m guessing the Astrolux products are selling faster than production can keep up.

I would not doubt it. This is one hell of a light Astrolux has come up with!

Interested / 219c / thank you

Found a bypass wire had come loose on one of the carrier springs.I fixed this and on fresh vtc5a batteries i got 19100 lumens on startup 16500@ 30s.It stepped down at 35s on 60c.

Wow, I imagine that 2 second beacon mode must make the world come to a stop. Lol

19th now

Daaaaamn. :confused:

Heh… my replacement head was sent by Turkish Post. Should be named “Snail post”. But not losing hope yet. Q8 was eventually delivered… took 2 months but they did it finally :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if Aliexpress has the second wave version of this light?


They show plenty of stock. /scratch head

Can I get a code for both the 219c and xpg model ?
Or am I too late ?

Is there only one store there selling it?

Aliexpress is like ebay. There are tons of stores there. Some more reputable than others.

Seems like the only store that comes up in a search hit.

I checked it out. It’s the Elfeland store which is operated by Banggood. I guess the only way to know is to contact them and ask. They can probably tell pretty easy by looking at the lens for 2 wires or 6 wires. The problem comes if they have both versions in stock. It can be hard for them to guarantee one or the other.

If that’s the case, maybe they can do a special order for you to make sure you get the one you want.