Got my light today:

The first impression it made is the second worst of all my lights. Second after $1 plastic junk.

  • anodization doesn’t look nice (but I can’t tell if it’s sturdy or not)
  • light came dirty with some grease
  • switch cover is heavily scratched, as if it was heavily used in the item it was recycled from
  • bezel - colour looks bad, not like on pictures
  • bezel - has 4 black areas as if it was held by something during dyeing
  • dusty reflector
  • fuzzy reflector…and in some places has larger orange-peel-like imperfections.
  • LED off centre and not just a bit

Positives? OK, there are some too.

  • magnetic connector works well
  • the light is fairly lightweight and a bit smaller than I expected
  • threads are well lubricated (though the lube stinks badly)

Mine is supposed to be here by Monday 11 June. (hopefully it will arrive a day or two early… :wink: )

After reading these conflicting first impressions I will be interested to see what mine looks like & what my impressions are. :smiley:

Well, could be a lottery - I have got 3 of them and all with clean, shiny reflectors, could not see any other fault like off center emitter, etc. One was with black bezel and the latest two were with blue bezel. Charging working well on all three.

I have played with one of them, measured 263K candela from 11m with HS1010A, shined it @500m - looks OK and within the spec. I think the turbo should have also been able to be memorized, as switching on by the forward clicky is bringing you only to high, while Turbo is not that hot to be dangerous.

For me the light is excellent bang for the buck. Lets see how it will perform on a longer run.

Bad news for me, maybe I need to reconsider, which single 26650 light could be a good base choice for modding.

It might be…… :smiley: But I feel lucky. :wink: I am thinking & hoping all will be well like with your three. :+1: . :beer:

Further impressions:

Mine arrived yesterday.

IF it was a “lottery”, as mentioned above…… I WON!! :wink: . :beer:

Perfect as far as I can tell. Blue bezel has those 4 super tiny “black marks” that were mentioned… but as far as I am concerned that is not an issue at all.

  • LED is perfectly centered
  • Reflector is clean & nicely done
  • Finish is well done… both reflector & anodization
  • It was packed very well

The only complaint is it has a Chinese Owners Manual:smiley: . :smiley: . :smiley:

Charging up a 26650 & will check the rest out later.

This seems to be an excellent value…. as in ‘great bang for the buck’!!! :slight_smile:

Extremely pleased & may order another. :+1:

Nice to hear, I started thinking I am extremely lucky :slight_smile: Have fun with the new toy.
BTW, as far as I can trust my luxmeter, my light is within the specs.

Thank you!! Yeah… this evening I’ll check mine out & see how it preforms. I am expecting the best…. :+1:

But as I said before… I am extremely pleased with what I see so far. :slight_smile:

Well, mine might not have the best reflector quality available but after bridging the springs it does 240Kcd (measured with Djozz’ calibrated Gossen).
So for this price point a great deal.

I will get a XP-L HI V3 3C to replace the led because I do not think the latest bin is in there.
That will bring a nicer tint and perhaps a little more throw, will post results.


interested please send code




Interested :slight_smile:

Interested. Thanks

Interested thanks



Me too, been waiting for this one.

I just got the flat black installed in mine. Does 600 kcd now. It’s a huge improvement but I sorta expected a bit more. Considering my modded olight m3xut with dedomed xpg2 does 520kcd which has a smaller reflector. I bet if I put a black flat into the m3xut, it should hit 600 or more kcd.
I assume the reflector and lens play a role in these.