It would be futile trying to send back a small item like a tail cap. No one will want to spend $15 to $20 to send it back to China. They won’t spend the money and you won’t spend the money. So typically they would just send a replacement tailcap as it only costs them $1 or $2 dollars. Still, they will try to save this money if possible by making you tired and frustrated and give up. If you keep at it they should give up first and just send it.

Keep in mind that China post costs are subsidized by China and the US so it’s super cheap to ship things from China to the US. It’s completely different going the other way. Typically a warranty package would need to be sent DHL insured to China and it costs a small fortune.

I’m in Singapore, so if they really do insist that I send the tailcap back, I can send it for a couple of bucks via registered mail.

I know it seems petty, but I really like this light in every other way, and this clip problem has always irked me. The light is very attractive looking, very small for 18650, and has a beautiful tint. I’ve actually already ordered another in XPL HI from Neals Gadgets. If BG really tries to screw me, I can always swap the body back and forth.

Here’s another picture:

Doh! I wasn’t paying attention. Lol

Banggood is just going to throw the defective tail cap in the trash. I doubt they will ask for it.

Looking at the pics in post 1, it looks like they all stick up. If they send you a new tail cap it may have the exact same problem.

I would just trim it down slightly. It should not effect the strength. Maybe even slot the holes in the clip to lower it a little.

If I slot the holes, the screws will protrude beyond the edge of the clip, and that will annoy me too :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s not so obvious from the pictures, but the clip sticks out quite far - definitely more than 1mm I’d say. If it was 0.5mm I wouldn’t really care.

Take a close up picture from the screw & clip side, looking straight at the screws & clip. This has me intrigued now. :wink:

I have one of these, it should look like this

Exactly! Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks adept1. I see what your talking about now…. the tailcap was drilled to high & the screw heads protrude above the bottom of tailcap.
No was to sand that down. :+1:

Yikes, they missed the mark on that one. Now I see why you need a replacement.

Many emails back and forth. They are trying to placate me with 500 Banggood points (which is basically worth nothing). I’m sticking to my guns! I’ve sent them pictures and video of my light, and now pictures of the light from their own site and the picture Shirnask posted. The saga continues!

Stay strong adept1!! :wink:

I just switched to Chinese in my last email after they refused my request and again offered me 500 BG points.

我不能接受。你卖给我的电筒有一个制造问题。它剪辑的对齐非常糟糕。 你们网站的电筒没有这个制造问题。朋友们一样的电筒没有这个问题。我只是要你给我换一小部分。让你的客户满意吧。

Well said adept1!! :+1: . Keep us posted, I’ll be interested to hear their reply. :wink:

Now they’re offering me $4 USD… You guys were right about how they’d try to wear me down. My latest reply (in English and Chinese):

I’ve told you several times, but I don’t think you understand. I only want a replacement tail cap bezel. This small piece in the picture.


Thanks for the update adept1…… :+1:
Don’t let them wear you out…. stay strong. :wink:


Today they said I can’t give me a replacement tail cap bezel “because it’s not an item we sell.” (Duh) I told them to call up Amutorch and get one, or if they can’t help, give me the contact info for Amutorch and I’ll contact them myself.

After that they’ve been silent for the rest of the day.

:person_facepalming: …. The saga continues…. Good luck adept1 & thank for keeping us posted. I am enjoying reading about your ongoing quest…. :+1:

I wrote Amutorch directly on AliExpress. They’ll sell me a tailcap bezel for $5 shipped.

Banggood will rebate me $5 too.

So I will have it resolved for free basically.