Eneloop Charger for Eneloop AAA XX Black.

As I mentioned in the other thread the Sanyo MQR06 is a good no thrill charger.

If you plan to get the XX-AA as well, you could buy the charger in a bundle. I got my bundle with 4 AA (UTGB) and adapter for 21,xx€, including delivery.

If price isn’t limited, check the Technoline BC700, AccuPower 328 or the BM200/210. Or some other re-brands.
You’ll get a few more features, like discharge, refresh, cell resistance, possibility to use 12V plug

Looked good until I saw you can only charge one cell at a time.

I’m with Shadowww, charge at too low of a current and risk missing termination. Temperature protection is bypassed, the low current will,not over heat the cells, just overcharge them. The only protection for this is the timer cut-out many chargers have but that is usually set and takes into account you may be charging much higher capacity cells, such as D size, thus damaging the AA/AAA Eneloops.

To others reading this post, if you buy one of the Eneloop chargers/charger battery combo deals, make sure its the quick charger version. Some of the cheaper eneloop deals with chargers come with the slow charger, NC-MQN04A. This one does not do single channel, and can overcharge one if one of the pair is not as flat, apparently.

Im not sure its cool to link this, but here goes. If not, feel free to delete…

anyone in the UK selling a Sanyo charger MQR06 on its own ?.
willing to sell?.