Eneloop glitter 8 pack, $19.98 @ DSE (Aus only)

DSE puts these on special roughly 4 times a year, last time it was ROUGE and UOMO. I’m pretty sure they aren’t made anymore so sooner or later you won’t be able to buy them anymore.

Half normal price, only $19.98


NICE! I was waiting for this to happen again, I missed out last time.
Thanks ezarc!

Thanks ezarc, I picked up 2x packs last time they were at $22 and now looking in my box I have one left, I swear there’s a battery monster somewhere with a stash of my batteries.
Hmm, might be all the torches (downunder flashlights are known as torches) I’ve been buying lately :smiley:

Thanks, I got the uomo and rouge last time so may as well get these as well.

Picked up a set this morn. Pretty…
Wacked ’em in my C9000 and they all charged to only 350mAh?
Is that normal? Do you always do a break-in charge before use?
That’s what I am doing now.

BTW - I have 2 x 4-packs of the XX Eneloops coming Monday from a crowd in Sydney called Ecocell.com.au
$17 ex GST including free shipping. Best price in Oz I’ve been able to find.


probably because the already come pre-charged?? you might have just topped them up?

try a discharge-charge cycle??

Yep as above try a discharge at 500-1000mAh or so to test the capacity.

Picked up a pack today, got them on a test cycle on the iq328 charger :slight_smile:

Thanks Ezarc

Grabbed a pack this time:
8 HR-3UTGA SECP-GL 1.2V 2012-10
1500 cycles 2000mAh Min 1900mAh
Made in Japan.

Good thread here: Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2023