Enjoying my Sofirn SC21 16340-equipped light

I had read about the SC21 and recently pulled the trigger on one. I am really liking this light for a handful of reasons, one being that this light is MUCH less than a handful, while having a good number of solid features!

Here’s what I like (in no particular order):

-Excellent size/power ratio. It’s not much bigger than an AA light and is quite a bit easier to carry compared to the 18350 lights I’ve got. The slightly smaller diameter just seems to work for me and my pockets.
-Sensible and flexible operation. I like the modes, having Turbo available at all times, strobes hidden away, Moonlight from off with a long press. If you like ramping, go for it!
–1000 lumen Turbo. For my EDC needs, 1000 is more than enough. The 400 High level is very usable for dog walking and the lower levels are fine for looking for stuff I dropped under a bench or desk. No heating up to unreasonable levels and good and bright when needed.
-Good emitter choice and tint. No need for hi cri, but give me a nice-looking NW tint and I’m happy. Glad they didn’t go for CW to squeeze a few more lumens for ad copy.
-All-in-one packaging that Sofirn does so well. Folks who ask about my lights and suggestions for their first li-ion lights are almost always directed to Sofirn.
-IPX8 rating, even with a USB-C rubber gasket. Just a little bit of insurance to ease my mind when I’m using it outside.
-USB-C and not the mini. Much more stout and more common these days which is good for frequent chargings with the relatively small battery.
-Typical Sofirn quality. Nice knurling, reasonable heft and wall thickness, good anodizing that doesn’t scratch when putting on and removing the clip and most of all, a decent amount of grease on the threads from the factory! Nice touch! I’ll replace it with my own but it’s so nice opening it for the first time and not having that chalky/creaky sound and feel.
-Lockout. The button is raised, easy to find in the dark and easy to press which necessitates a lock out feature. I dislike having to give a quarter turn to the battery tube on some of my lights and this works well. I also like that it can still work in Moonlight when locked out.
-No frills packaging that shows that they are putting their money into the light, not fancy boxes.

Things I’m indifferent about/not so jazzed:

-A bit heavy for the hat clip, but I give them credit for trying. The clip holds well enough and ought not ruin my pants like some other supertight clips out there.
-Magnet is ok. It holds fine, doesn’t affect anything in my pocket, but it isn’t removable. It’s a little problem that really isn’t an issue in the real world.
-Might have been nice to be able to use a CR123A in a pinch, but not an issue either.
-Might also be a bit heavy for me to put on a keychain, but others may go that route even if it’s not intended for that.

Overall, it’s a real nice light for a nice price. My wife is eyeing mine to keep in her compact purse.

Thanks for your sharing! :innocent:

Nice! 16340 is a great size. Maybe add it here:

4click lockout highly recommended. The light turned on twice in my pocket this weekend.

Nice looking light. I’d wish for a raised button guard like the d4v2’s though.