EVVA or KeepPower: which 26650 choose?

Hi, got to find a single 26650 to put in my Yezl 3 (when it will arrive). With 3 (I’ve bought 5 :bigsmile: ) extension tubes will use 3x18650 with adaptor. In a single cell configuration while I want to use a 26650. So, between there:

1) EVVA 26650 4500mAh 3.7v Protected 12,99$ EVVA

2) KeepPower 4500mAh Protected “Keeppower” 12,29$ http://www.banggood.com/26650-KeepPower-4500mAh-Protected-Rechargeable-Li-ion-Battery-p-918313.html

Which of these do you suggest?

Here in Italy I’ve find 1 EFEST PURPLE 26650 FLAT 3.7V / 3500mAh / 32A-64A 16,40$/ 13 euro shipped.

I know that KeepPower are very good batteries.I have several sizes of them. I would choose that one.

I never heard of EVVA!

Ciao,Roberto :wink:

they are both good quality cells, so long as the keep powers fit for your application - I would buy them since theyre cheaper

I also have keepower 4500, a nice battery with good performance on normal current application.
Check hkjs comparator for big batts:

I am looking for a cheap source of the keepower 4200 unprotected IMR, but only can find it only on some national shops which want around 22$(Shipping kills the deal). So if anyone knows a Chinese source I would be glad.

Try here, it’s in the Netherlands.

Why not the Keeppower 26650 5200mAh?

My EVVA 5200 protected do NOT fit in my Y3 2 cell arrangement. Too big. Actually 2 18650 from a laptop don’t work either - too small. Bloody fickle light.

why not kingkongs?
likely the cell many are resleeving anyway.

Thank you for save me!
At this point, I will buy Keeppower!

You may have problem with Keeppower protected also. Too big I think. Should buy unprotected.

Arent the protected 5200s exceptionally long? Over 71mm?

Are the pulls flat top?

Are you sure???
I want to stay safe, that’s the reason why I buy protected cells only. Wanna try ask on Yezl 3 thread.

Perfect! Grazie Roberto!! :bigsmile:

My EVVA’s are 71.1. Someone else made a comment about the extension tubes being strange, possibly too short or something.

The laptop pulls are flat tops but I soldered a blob onto them making them almost button tops haha. They’re 64.9mm so pretty much 65 of the 18650.

How much too long are they aoeu?

The protected Keeppower 5200s are over 71mm too. So if the EVVA are too long, these KPs are still going to be too long as well. As far as I know, they have the same cell as the EVVA, but different protection circuits. The 5200s, except the unprotected flat tops that RMM has, are all going to be too long in the Y3 if aeou is correct. Others may sell unprotected flat tops too, I dont know I havent looked.

Maybe stick with protected 4000s, 4200s or 4500s as they can be found under 70mm. But I would wait to find out exactly how long the tubes int he Y3 are before ordering anything. It could be they only take upto a 67mm long cell for example.

Soshine protected 4200s

EVVA protected 4500s

no affiliated links.

Why not trim down the springs? I am waiting for my Y3+extender. I want to use KP protected with it.

My protected NCR18650B work in the Y3 with extensions fwiw. My unprotected 5200mah evva tested over 5300mah discharge capacity over 1A.

It’s more than the springs. It just doesn’t fit.

I would go to Illumination Supply and get the KeepPower Unprotected 26650 5200mAh cells. I’ve purchased a number of them recently from Calvin and they are great. They also offer a discount for BLF members, and his packaging and shipping are as good as it gets. They are listed as flat-tops, but they are raised, and work perfectly in a series configuration using 2 or more together.

KeepPower 26650

Oh, you mean KP is too wide in diameter? I only read that protected ones are too long to be in series.