Expensive lights and their budget sibling

Spark SL6S-740NW, about 100$. Review here.

NEW 612, about 9$. Review here.

Extremly similar design. But the SPARK light is a bit different, mainly due to side clicky.

I believe these look similar in same light.

Lumintop TD15/16 vs T10/OEM D1 host / OEM D1 built (also available in black extened version, T10B)

Lumintop TD15 is more similar due to knurling. Lumintop have side switch. Main design difference.

Picture from TD16 review.

Nage 4-XM-L (57$) vs Black shadow Terminator (140$)

Small Sun ZY-T11 (9,99$ or 9,2$ with BLF code, Aleto branded) vs Eagletac TX25C2 (83$)

In all fairness, these lights are not as similar as the ones above, but still, its funny to see the similarities.

The one with the gold plated spring was the cheap ass Small Sun btw..

The one with the retarded sticker is the Eagletac

Keep em coming.. :)

How is performance comparison? Or it that why you have chosen these particular lights as the performance mirrors the more expensive option?

Performance comparison... That depend on the eye and if you can mod. Stock, everybody would probably choose the brand light. But if you can mod, well, then it might depend. And if you are cheap, then its interesting to see how small differences there are between some expensive and cheap lights.

NEW 612, have crap UI stock. I think its funny to see basically the NEW 612 with a side switch, some slightly better parts and probably better anodizing too. And about 10x more expensive with the Spark name. :p

T10 host, have excellent quality. Probably at the same level as the Lumintop, but its not a brand light. And its a slightly different body due to sideswitch. Its mostly sold as a host too, and in different color.

Terminator vs Nage. Now sure how stock compares with stock. But I would question if its worth the differences. As a mod host, I think the choice is easy.

Small Sun vs Eagletac. Stock, the small Sun is nothing to brag about as it is stock IMO, but its super cheap for what it is. (ZY-T11 comes with plastic reflector, ZY-T29 does not). The Small Sun can be upgraded with a very sophisicated DrJones driver, which in several ways exceeds the driver in the Eagletac, you can upgrade it with AR coated lens, copper MCPCB, XM-L2, etc.. You can even push out 3,8A+ to the emitter if you want to go crazy. J) Finish and such will not be on the same level, but in several ways, it can kick the Eagletacs ass if the potential is unleashed, and at a much lower price.

Small Sun and Eagletac are obviously not the same type of light. But the others ones, gotta wonder if some come from the same factory or if they are just very good clones, sometimes with a little twist.

Yep modding is a skill I definitively lack. Thank goodness for guys like TomE, Vinh, etc so I can still get my fix!

Sk68 and Nitecore infinity extreme E3


nitecore ....

The forward clicky is the giveaway ....and the fact it doesn't flood to throw ..Serious design stealing $65 light or a 5$ light



Oh no, the NiteCore Extreme E3 is sold out. :_(


klarus st11 clone

long and short it looks to be the exact same light

Wolf-Eyes Nite Hunter and UniqueFire UF-T20. Just noticed Wolf-Eyes is based in Shenzhen, and the sellers of the UniqueFire are also close to that location. Maybe they are produced in the same factory, and the rejected bodies get different labeling and possibly cheaper parts?

Beloved UltraFire WF-502B and HuntLight FT01

TrustFire TF-R2 and Dereelight DBS!

TrustFire TR-Q5 and Deerelight CL1H