[expired/dead] $25 off $25 coupon at IKEA, get 16x NiMH Ikealoops for ~$14 SHIPPED

Yeah, seems like the code is dead now.

Promotion Code Invalid

Bump. Not being involved in this in any way, but very curious what actions will be taken by I (as in IKEA).
We might witness a fundamental difference between Western and Eastern internet mentality.

Cause: I made a mistake.
Effect: I will have to pay for it.

Cause: I made no mistake, everybody else just read my intentions the wrong way.
Effect: Keep schtum and wait for it to blow over.

So far: schtum (I had to look this term up) - no shipping or cancellation notice yet.

If I had to guess they may be seeing if they can separate the people intended to get the coupon vs the rest or maybe just seeing how many meatballs this is going to cost them.

The next time someone panhandles near me, I'll tell them, "feel free to keep schtum."

Of course they'll have no idea what I'm talking about, but I'll say it anyways.

I used to frequent Fatwallet and Slickdeals for many years and attempted many similar price mistake deals/loopholes. Some went through unnoticed but many of the orders were cancelled by the online store, some of which are big ones. These were all US stores. It’s not simply an East vs West thing. It’s if the company noticed the mistake and if they can afford to eat the loss. For a tiny company, regardless of where it is, a small mistake might cause them to lose their whole year of profit that they rely on to pay the bills and feed their families. For very large corporations, it is a drop in the bucket that goes unnoticed.

A while ago a Dutch company made an error. If I remember correctly, brandnew color TV for 1€.
The company said it was an obvious error and people could not pin them on delivering.
The judge said that in normal conditions customers would have guessed it was an error.
But in this case it was sales-time, and the price-reduction was advertised as being outrageous.
Yes, a new color TV for 1€ is outrageous, but that was exactly what the company said it was :stuck_out_tongue:
So all orders placed in the short time the offer was on line will have to be honored.

Some companies would have played the out-of-stock card.
Other companies have a standard safeguard in their offers: limited stock available.

Still interested how IKEA is going to play this one.

Since the local Ikea is the one that process the order and ships, its been random. Some people are reporting receiving their orders and some not.

Well, at least the _TEN BUCKS_ shipping charge should help them out. }D

My order shipped this morning. Meatballs on me! :partying_face:

And I get a crock of crapola: Here’s what Ikea sent me after I ordered last week:

Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that, without IKEA’s permission, an unauthorized third party disseminated via non-IKEA social channels an online promotional code for $25 off. The promotional code was an offer that IKEA had made exclusively to newly approved credit card applicants only for use for their first-time purchase under the specific terms and conditions stated in the offer.

Unfortunately, the order you placed on 8/1/2019 was not eligible for the promotional offer and therefore your order has been cancelled. If your credit card was charged, the payment will be refunded to you using the original method of payment in the next 10-14 days. If you would still like to order the item(s), without the promotional offer, then you will need to place a new order.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Wel Contactr, were you a new credit card user? I surely was not.

Sorry to hear that. I was not a new card holder. Such is life with these too good to be true deals sometimes.

yeh oh well. since you were not a new cc user…then they lied after the fact.

Or , I guess they sent out what they had and messaged the rest of us the bad news.

They do advertise this, even now: “$25 off your first IKEA purchase when you open and use your IKEA Visa credit card the same day”

I suspect they just didn’t enforce it for all stores or until a memo or something came out saying how to handle it. Who knows. It’s better to think of it as me being lucky than you being cheated or lied to. I will probably leave these to the deal sites in the future cause they are a bit controversial.

Sounds like an episode of “Leverage”… :laughing:

yeh, I went into it blind and jumped on the wagon. Never knew any details other than I WANT !! LOL…

My money and their batteries. EVEN ! LOL