Facebook Group Giveaway

Not sure if this is allowed here, so feel free to report and have it removed if that’s the case

I’ve started a Facebook group to hopefully grow my YouTube channel so more brands see that I’m worth their time. I’m the only reviewer using a drone for aerial beamshots.

Here’s my group anyway with the Sofirn IF22A giveaway currently running.

Maybe it would work best if I ran giveaways on BLF instead. If the group giveaways don’t work then I’ll give that a shot

I hope it will work out as you planned (hoped), but you won’t see me in your (or any) FB-group. Being social challenged, I don’t do social media. Still, I wish you all the best.

Good luck mate the more reviewers there are the better and you are providing footage other channels are not doing.
Sorry I don’t use Facebook either or id come show some love and thumbs up.

Keep up the good work and best luck. I hope some day there is an alternative to facebook we can all go on.

If that’s the case for quite a few then it’s probably better if I run them on here. I’ll see what the result is of this one, but I haven’t had very good success even on my business page in the past.

Thank you

Not a FB user, but I’ve subscribed your channel quite a while ago (on my YT “profiles”) :wink:

As TrailTrek (also subscribed a long time ago) mentioned, you provide many information and footage other channels (mine included) do not/cannot provide.

So, best of luck and keep up the good work :+1:

As for the GAW rules, here’s the a reminder thread: **Tips and reminders about giveaways**

Hi. I dont have/use/like facebook but I can help you with your YT channel. No gaw is required for me.

That can be answered easily: From the board rules (giveaway section, **Tips and reminders about giveaways**):

I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t support you there, sorry.

So requiring someone to sub my channel would be included? Then there’s absolutely no gain in running a giveaway on here at all.

Thanks for that, I’ll contact the admin to get this thread removed. Seems like I’ll finish the giveaway and then just let the channel grow on its own :slight_smile:

I’m in for both. best of luck.


That can be answered easily: From the board rules (giveaway section, **Tips and reminders about giveaways**):

That is for Commercial vendors which I’m not?

I’ve messaged the admin for clarification

Thanks for asking Funtastic, I replied to your PM (to your Private Message, not your Prime Minister :smiley: ).

That would be taking BLF’s diplomacy to another level for sure :face_with_monocle: :laughing:

:innocent: :smiley: