Fake hugsby

I received a fake hugsby from ebay seller junnyshop8988 not only was it fake but it came with a broken lens, heavely scratched body and dented body. I contacted the seller asking for a refund. Good thing I only paid $2. It was obvious a fake with shiny tail cap, no hugsby printed on the body and I don’t believe it was anodized but powder coated or something. Since it’s a fake I assume this is not a real CREE XPE-R3 LED. Don’t know if it’s possibe to see in these pictures but could someone confirm it’s a fake?

I can’t really tell from your pics (need a serious macro to see the details) but you can compare with the pics here:

…if you haven’t already. A simple non-conclusive test is to turn the light on and see if the output is a horrible bluish tint, but some LatticeBright fakes are actually pretty decent emitters.

If the seller refuses to refund you can get ebay involved. There’s a way you can report an item as being counterfeit. You wont have to send it back and ebay will reimburse you. I know its only 2 bucks but principle of the matter.

aside, for a few dollars more, ’oogle cell phone macro — a simple addon lens will work

@Keltex: no I haven’t thanks for the link I’ll take a look at it tomorrow in daylight.

@Liber: I was gonna do what u suggest, it was an auction and a “buy now” for $ 2 so I was hoping it could be real. And yes it’s a principle thing.

@Hank: Thanks for the tip but I don’t have a fancy I phone it’s just a cheap phone I have. The pictures were taken with a camera from a friend.

Cropping the pics would help too, it takes quite a while for the page to load now…

Cropped, sorry bout that.

So I couldn’t wait an tried to check the LED. But this thing is so tiny, no way I’m ever gonna be able to recognize if it’s a fake or not with the naked eye. So I threw in some AAA eneloops pro and I’m actualy kinda impressed, this thing has some throw to it and is pretty bright. The color temp is nice too. Kind of a shame the machining is junk and ofcourse that it arrived with broken lens and that the head is dented, I was able to screw it on but because of the deformation I cant get it back of. Also the head gets warm but not the rest of the body so bad thermal conductivity. No surprise as there is no pill behind the star.

How did you get the head of? Mine are so hard to get of I had to use multi grips.

I received it with the head loose. What you see in the last pic is the head unscrewed behind the driver. I was also able to unscrew the lens before the LED as you see in the pic in the OP.
I got message from seller saying:“How about a half refund and you don’t have to send it back.”
Should I get Ebay involved right away or send him another message saying I will get Ebay involved? This is actually the first time I get a fake or broken product orderd online.


I have had good luck with the ebay lights. Although the Hugsby and Lixada are the best I have not had problem with the clones, even the unbranded ones. The ones marked Enjoydeal have worked well, and the only potential problem is that their threads are fewer and not well cut. However, none has caused a problem. I have probably bought 20 or so to gift. Prices are less than $2.00 often.

The way to buy the Hugsby and Lixada lights is buy the 5. They then are $2-3 cheaper than individually.

EDIT: Boy :, did I draw up an old thread or what :zipper_mouth_face: