Fake XM-L2 flashlight From GearBest

Hello Everyone,

I Bought 3 Lighs from GearBest this one USB Rechargeable Torch LED Flashlight , And i got shocked when i received them, all 3 lights has Fake Cree XM-L2, i bought those Light because GearBest is stating the light have original Cree XM-L2, i used to Trust GearBest all the way but looks like not any more

I just wanted to Warn you guys

Can you post a pic of the emitter?

The photo of the emitter in that link does look like the latticebright knock-off of the Cree XM-L2. (the dots on the die surface are really noticeable as they do on the fake LEDs. The Topic on fake & copy-LEDs is here: - The Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread - The new "low" in Budget lights.

Oh, that light… :person_facepalming:

Yeah, there were a coupla whole threads on that light. Long’n’short takeaway is, “you get what you pay for”.

It’s okay for a 10buk light, but that’s it. I learned my lesson a loooong time ago, don’t bother trying to mod a crap light to be something good, as you’ll spend more on replacing crappy parts than just buying a decent light to begin with. Not worth the ag.

also orijentation of this dots on genuine LED is in X (criss cross) patern and here is in + patern.
GB is probably just using informations supplied by manufacturer, doubt they have an eye for fake leds…

it is latticebright as DBSAR described

Post pictures here, document the differences and if they really are fakes create a service ticket on Gearbest with all data, if you explain your case well the most likely is that they return the money.