FastTech Convoy S3 (EDC 18650 in Disguise) Thoughts?

I realise this is the s2, going to the s3 next, but this is the driver spec I’d pick.

Each 7135 is worth 350ma, so 4 =1.4a (1400 ma) 6 = 2.1a 8 = 2.8a

In these little tube lights, I prefer not to push them as they get hot quick on high there’s just not enough mass to them.

Ok, just had a look at the s3, it is the same looking host as the 18650edc, which is good, I really like mine, I have mine running at 2.6a on high (different driver but same UI) and it soon starts to warm up, 2.8a, I don’t think you’d see a benefit.

If you activate the drop down box under the price, you can pick your drive current, I’d perhaps go 2.1a. At 1.4a, I’d prefer the xp-g2 myself in nw over an xm-l.

It is a nice host though, I don’t think you can go wrong with it. :slight_smile:

Just wish the darn thing came with a clip! Or does anyone know a good clip that fits (which would be for deep pocket carry, or very close).


I have the ‘EDC’ version of the same (S3) host, and it’s worth mentioning the limited inside length. Mine won’t quite accept a protected Panasonic 18650B. Other than that, it’s great. I think the Fasttech lights are excellent value.

Help me with the math here - assuming a 3400 mAh unprotected 18650B, and a 5% low on the 1050 mA version (i.e. </>52 mA), what would the approximate runtime be? How much of that 3400 mAh is available before cutoff?

Is 1050 mA a viable driver for an XM-L U2?

Looks like the Solarforce clip might fit.

I would expect the Solarforce clip to be too big a diameter for these Convoys. That clip also doesn't seem like it would let the light drop deep enough into a pocket either. Thoughts?


Beware that the 3400mA cell is rated 3400 down below 3.0v (to 2.5v?) where you won't get to use that capacity in a flashlight (single cell with a typical driver). See HKJ's review (he discharge tests to 3.0v) - look at the chart for capacity at 1A draw -> 3,197mAh. Now take 3,197mAh/1050mA and you get 3.04hrs use. EDIT: Sorry, I forgot you wanted runtime at 5% (52mA). So therefore 3,197mAh/52mA = 61.5 hours use. This is a rough calculation, but should be close to what you'll see. I think these calculations get further from reality with lower current levels, but I'm not sure. I think 52mA will get you about 20 lumens output.

You can drive an XM-L at any current level below it's "poof" level (5A+ depending on heatsinking); you just aren't getting as high output. See Match's test here and look at the chart for the XM-L. You'll see the XM-L will put out about 392 lumens at 1,000mA.


Thanks Garry - that’s what I was looking for.

Post #96 in this thread might lead you to something.

Thanks for the link. I'm really liking the idea of a deeper pocket carry clip though. Will be ordering a few Solarforce clips to have on hand sometime too.


How many lumens would this Convoy S3 U2 be?

I see the January 10th FastTech new arivals page now shows Convoy lights/battery/charger combos! EDIT - No driver / drive current listed for these! Are they 8x7135 for 2.8A or what???


Considering Tumbleweed48’s post #3, is the Panasonic 18650B a different length than the standard Panasonic protected? I do not understand why they would make a light for 18650 batteries, and some would not fit. Help?

Just by eyeballing it. It MIGHT fit.

You gotta remember that medium and low modes are PWM generated and there's some efficiency loss as a result. IIRC, the lowest mode only has like 50% efficiency or something like that.

It sorta fits. I think it messes with the o-ring and prevents contact at the switch ring unless you add a metal spacer.

More discussion here:

Check this post:

Looks like I/O was shipping some of theirs with the Convoy logo already.

Hmm . . . I'd guestimate around 900, (but that's not the OTF - "out-the-front" - value).


Thanks, I knew it wouldn't be a real good value as I calculated, but the "high" (no PWM) current math would be close.


I would guess between 750 & 850 OTF lumens for a U2. Pretty safe ballpark figure but that will drop as the temp of the light rises.

I’d venture a guess of 800 OTF.

BINGO! Now I do remember reading that!


I'm still trying to figure out what the difference is between the S2 and S3. I get lost in amp discussions, but I'm trying. So will the T5 5C be brighter with the 2.1a model as compared to the 1.4 model. Also, how much heat buildup are we talking about here with the T5 5C emitter.

The 2.1a 5C model doesn't seem to be available in the three mode option.

I'm thinking the XM-L will help me get a good feel for the 5C tint because of the flood and not such a concentrated hot spot. Ive never had a 5C, and love 4C tints, and thought this light might be a viable way for me to have a peek.