Fenix PD40 MT G2 a little outdated?

I’m looking for an MT G2 light. I passed up a K40M because I thought it would be too throwy. Maybe that was a huge mistake? All that I can find right now is the Fenix PD40. It’s only 1000 lumens on high with a 1600 lumen burst mode. Other MT G2 lights like the p36 or Haiklite claim 2000 lumens. Is the PD40 somehow a dinosaur with low output or a bad UI?

Gahhh, there is a TK35UE for more money but I’m really not sure about the square shape.

I have that Fenix. It is a good light with a wonderful beam. Floods for sure but very pleasing to the eye. I wish it was driven harder but I ain’t smart enough to do it. I love that led and would love to have a powerhouse with it. That may change the pleasing aspects though and I understand that led needs attention given to reflector choice. Please post if you dig up anything.

Yeah I guess that’s what I want too. I would like to see something like a Convoy L6 or L2

And here I was confusing P36 with TK35ue in my last post. TK35ue seems no better than PD40.

I was able to grab a Nightwatch NS22 (MT-G2 LED variant) late last year from BG. Nice creamy beam with not visible hotspot. I like its beam pattern.

(NS22 is a bit similar to "C8" size flashlight)

here compariing the NS22 (MT-G2) [left side} with a Haikelite SC26 using XHP35-HD LED. NS22 head size is a bit close in size to SC26 head size.

here I compared the FW3A (3x XPL-Hi) with the NS22 (MT-G2)

MT-G2 may not be as bright as XHP70.2 flashlight, but personally, I like the beam (at least on the NS22 I got)

here the NS22 (MT-G2) is compared with a somewhat similar sized XHP70.2 flashlight.

Recently I built my first MT-G2 flashlight using thorfire c8s host

In the post is a list of parts if you want to build it for yourself :slight_smile:

The MT-G2 definitely lacks the abhorrent XHP70.2 fried-egg beam. For that alone, it’s appealing. By today’s standards though, it’s a bit power hungry for its lumens and CRI (and kind of weird besides)

I still have and use K40M, great light. Get one if you can.

There were 5 on eBay for months for $99 shipped. NOS