Finding firmware for Wurkkos ts21 v1

Hey all.

I would like to update my Wurkkos ts21 v1 to the latest Anduril 2.

Any tips on disassembly?

Is it just thr sop8 clip on an Atmel.T85?

Sofirn sp36 firmware?

I think Tom E’s tear down thread is going to be helpful. Wurkkos TS21 tear down

The driver is glued and Tom E pushed out the glued driver using a pick and a hammer. However, there is a risk of damaging the components doing so.

I disassembled my TS25 thinking it would be similar to TS21, but I damaged several components (the switch and the button led) during the disassembly.

Thanks. Any idea on Anduril 2 firmware version?