[FINISHED: 06 - 12 -2020] MascaratumB’s entry – Old Lumens Contest 2020/21 - Modified Light Category

Looks good ! Very unique :+1:

Thank you pinkpanda3310 :wink: Well, it surely is different thing, and although not perfect, it has a different taste than the last one :wink: Surely more on the budget side too :smiley:

Thank you Henk4U2 :wink: I bet the king would have liked to have one of these in his collection of artifacts! But then he’d the “flashlight king” and not the “Sun King” :smiley:
Thank you!

Ahaha, thank you Blahblahblahhuh :wink: Well, this is a challenge for you, as I know the modding bug has bitten you too! So…will we see you in next year? :innocent:

Thank you everydaysurvivalgear :wink: Won’t you join the competition this year mate?
BTW, my girlfriend said it looked like a small photography camera and even tried to “flash” me :smiley:
Thanks man!

Thank you drewski :wink: Well the name could have been better, but I tried to transform the “joule thief” into “jewl” :wink: Not the best conversion , but it will do the job :wink:

Thank you Rdubya18 :wink: Well, I guess it will be really unique as I don’t want to burn my fingers again with the hot glue :smiley:
At least I tried something different than what I am used to do and it was a good challenge :wink:
Thank you!

BTW, with a diffuser onto it, in my bedside table :wink:

Cool! A night light too

Ahah, improvised, but yes :wink:
This is the time I wish I used a different LED, warmer at least!
But not being its primordial function, it will only be that way if/when needed :wink:

Lots more content, yes. Love the torch. I’d be careful taking it camping as it will camouflage into the surroundings.
Well done. :beer:

Thank you MRsDNF :wink:
Well, that is a great advice!!! I’d hate losing it in the “woods” :stuck_out_tongue: But this will probably stay inside, I don’t want it exposed to the weather, specially water :cry:

Very nicely done! I’m glad to see that you ended up in the contest after all. :smiley:

Ahah, thanks gchart :wink:
Well, I modded some pieces of wood after all :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what do you say about the “gchart’ed” collection of lights? :smiley:

I think they’re brilliant! :wink:

Ahah, and long lasting! :wink:
Like stars :star:

Thanks again for your work on these :+1:

Nice one MB! I like your distinct styling :slight_smile:

You ran into the same trouble as me, using a forbidden flashlight part that ruled out joining the handmade category. But in the end the important thing is that lots of special lights are made and documented. :+1:

Nice job MascaratumB, I really like how it turned out - also that it kinda pairs with last years, maybe next year we will see the 3rd instalment?
I love hand made lights that look hand made, and you can see the effort and thought that went into them - well done Sir! :sunglasses:

Thanks djozz :wink:

Yeah, I was not completely aware that a pre-made pill was not allowed when I started so I needed to move my light into a new category. After a “giving-up” moment :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that my “mod” is not perfect, but it has been a user (on my bedside table) and I quite liked this new experience :wink:

Thanks G0OSE :wink:
Well, I guess I’ll aim for some kind of “trilogy”, making something “rooted in wood” in the next year :wink: I’ll start to plan the next year’s build (as a build, not a mod) :wink:

And yeah, this was hand made as hell, that hot glue in my fingers was somehow painful and funny at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

It is rustic :wink:

This is pretty. Square and pocketable.

Thanks lumenzilla :wink:
Yup, quite compact in case I wanna carry it with me somewhere. But this is my “emergency” light in the bedside table, as it is laying down and that way I can easily access the switch to switch it on in the middle of the night without making it fall :smiley:
Still, if needed, it is carryable :wink:

BTW, I was thinking…if I had a different driver, I would definitely make this light something better, more modes, different led choice! Maybe next year :wink: