Fireflies E07 Nichia... meh

Correction. It looks like a Harbor Freight purchase. It seems like so much more than 65 lumens, though.

But its right on with my 50 yard estimate, lol.

Don’t forget that most LEDs have a bit of angular tint-shift, so in a reflector, there’ll be to some extent a fried-egg beam, with the hotspot being a different (lower-K) color than the spill. So any particular LED will probably look a bit different in flashlight A than in flashlight B.

And higher/lower currents change the LED’s spectrum, with things looking greener at lower currents, and rosying up at higher currents, etc.

To this day, I still like the plain ol’ 4C Crees (yeah, above the BBL) behind a TIR lens that mixes the colors nicely. Don’t care that it’s low-CRI or anything, it’s still a nice beam.

Lotta qualifications for making comparisons…

I also read somewhere that a reflector will raise the duv?

I maxed out a sw40 emitter by directly connecting it to two cr123 batteries. It looked soooo pretty. A darker pink than a sw45k. I have to put a handful on a FET driver now.

Reflectors use the light that comes from the sides more, which is more greenish than what comes out of the front.
It (from the sides) is also warmer tinted.

Funny though, i still have a few 219B 4000 and 4500K i bought from, but their tint bin is tighter to the BBL (0 duv), and i wish they were the more rosy bin…

Do you have any plans for the rosy 4500K ones you dislike?

I don’t have sw45k emitters. I have six Fireflies flashlights with them. I will probably trade or sell some of them eventually, but I’m not sure if it makes sense to ship them to Europe.

I am very interested in sampling yours. There is a reddit user currently selling sw45k d220 in the r/flashlight bst thread. 2.50 each.

Okay, i thought maybe you were planning on replacing the LEDs.

I have 7 pcs of 4000K and 5 of 4500K.
The 4000K ones are going in my DQG tiny 26650, the 4500K ones will find a job somewhere too. :slight_smile:

My KDlitker p60 hosts showed up today. The single sst20 4000k with smooth and also with orange peel reflectors look hardly green on high, less than my recently purchased d4v2 with the same emitters. That makes me wonder if Kaidomain has recently got a new batch of sst20, or is the reflector making this much of a difference in tint? The smooth reflector may have a little better tint than the orange peel one. By tint, I mean the light filling the whole room.

Both the single OP and smooth reflectors look very high quality and excel at their intended purposes.

Singles are driven harder typically and more current takes most LEDs lower in Duv.

Low current test from 219b 4k from Illumn I did a while ago: [USA] ☀︎ Illumn: PB2S Blue, Red, Yellow. FW1A (waiting on SST-20), FW3A in stock and shipping - #148 by contactcr

3000 is for special occasions

That’s probably similar to this sw40 d220 test. “Hugs the bbl very close until turbo”

Wish I had d220’s instead.

The ROT66 and e07 with the SST 20 4000k “FA3” bin emitters showed up. They certainly won’t be replacing my SW45k’s. They are visually identical in tint at all levels to my recent D4v2 purchase; actually the D4v2 seems very green OUTSIDE, don’t know why. I can’t see any more rosiness in the Fireflies than the D4v2 at any level. I saw a post that said Fireflies previously received FB4 bin from there supplier that was stated to be FA1. I’m not sure if this means that FF has misrepresented tint bins before.

I’ve started to appreciate the SW45k at low levels, like 50-100 lumens, not enough for activities, but enough to move around and for atmosphere. I just love that purple cast in the room, and its not turned up into intense pinkness. I’ve realized that the negligible angular tint shift is one of the things that so great about a 219b.

I like the SST20 4000k FB4 in a smooth reflector. I’d like to try a better SST20 like this, but I’m not sure where to buy them.

The D240 flux bin 4000K E21A has a green tint, very SST-20 like.

The lower D220 bin is more then fine.

There is dogfarts p6 and q6, not sure which one you mean. First says 320-380 flux, second one 340-400.

Same for 3k and 5k temperatures, lower flux rating= less green?

Who’s selling them, using them?

Informative thread, but I don’t see what d220 flux bin is called.

For as much research as you have done on other things I didn’t know I would have to hold your hand on the basics :slight_smile:


Page 5 and 6

The thread linked previously says all of those tests were done with samples from DigiKey which has a large selection of LH351D. Also when you use the nickname “dog farts” that is generally referring to 5000K only.

If you really want to go down a rabbit hole you should purchase 5000K and slice them with a razor

Now I see you are going back and forth between multiple LEDs “d###” flux bin is reference to Nichia LEDs, which you can purchase from one of our respected forum members at

Yes, I was misreading Ryzbor’s response. And all this time I thought your name was Contractor.

I enjoyed reading people’s initial opinions in that thread.

No, the high volume distributors never promise any specific binning and often only advertise ranges of what you can expect. Even when it arrives you will not know the exact specs. You can reasonably expect if you order 20 LEDs for those 20 to be similar but if you wait a few months and order more you cannot expect them to be the same. It’s the best you can expect unless someone purchases hundreds or thousands at a time.