Fireflies E07 preview

Anduril UI can be programmed to ramp all the way to turbo. You get the flexibility to program the top of the ramp to whatever you want it to be.

This is good news!!! I will read up how to do it…

Hi all,

What’s the mcpcb size for the eo7? I’ve been wanting to convert it to an dedicated mule, the mcpcb is a bit too deep, thinking of adding spacers to bring it up closer to the glass

I got my E07 and love it. Black XPLHI CW 6500k this light is flat out amazing.

Is Samsung 40T currently the recommended cell to run XPL HI?

I read 5OE will fall on face fast pushing XPL emitters at max?

Molicel P42A

Any of those should keep the voltage up nice and high for XP-L.

I just got mine and have to join with everyone in saying how nice this light is. I just keep playing with it. Of course you guys have now ruined me for anything without Anduril and Nichia LEDs.

How long does it usually take to receive flashlight from ShenZhen using FF offered free china post?

Do customers get shipping notifications?

I contacted FF Jack but haven’t heard from him in a week

Usually takes 3 weeks to 4 weeks from Fireflies/Neals.

FF E07
Emisar D4 v2

2 of my favorites

Actually i ordered from Fireflies. The emitter i wanted only appeared offered directly from FF ~ XP-L HI (V3) 5000k

Price was comparable to Neals after discount code

This is my first China order so little nervousness even if PayPal insures

Is there still a working discount code when ordering directly from the Fireflies website?


^ This code 10% off was givin specifically for Ti Cu E07

I would email Jacky Chan and ask for others if needed


stocked dozens of E07 in CA USA warehouse . These lights are of different simplified UI.
USA warehouse fireglies E07 sale

According to the shipper customers can receive their orders in 3-4 days. let’s see how it works.

Are the first version issues addressed?

@pennzy, having ordered a FF E07 back in late June, and received it in July, I can confirm that everything is fixed.

I think I’ve seen the number of the highest regulated level somewhere in this thread, but I lost track of it. :person_facepalming:
Does anyone know what is the highest regulated level (7135*3 maxed out) and how many clicks do I need to do to set it to that level?

Tried searching but couldnt find the info. Does anyone know what tint bin is used on the sst20 4k emitters? I am finally going to pick one of these up, just undecided on Nichia or sst…

If you have to ask just get the Nichia. At the power level these will run (because 7 emitters) it will always be “greenish” at lower levels.

Easy enough to put a lee filter between the optics and lens. Fireflies seems to be using different bins at different points in time during their production. Early on when during their first batches of ROT66, I received neutral/rosy SST20s. Those with a lee 804 filter is amazing. Very recently I got a Cu E07 with slightly green SST20s. Even with a filter on low modes, they’re just okay.