Fireflylite new fresh product--P01 14500 EDC Fliashlight available in stock now

Is this a new company or is it the same one that makes the PL47 gen2? The site is not the same as this Fireflylite. Anyone know?

Not new at all, same site/people. Jack has been around for many years, originally started with another guy reselling lights they didn’t manufacture. He’s very much an enthusiast like us. He had a name change at some point which I think was related to trademarks or something, kind of like Lumintop’s fiasco with the bunny symbol where Energizer went after them hard., defloyd77….thanks for the input. I’m holding off on the 14500 but not totally opposed buy buying one after things settle down and shake out I guess. If it’s really a dog, then there’s no point, but it does have some attractiveness, imho. I’ll have to buzz over to reddit and see the comments there. Definitely not opposed to modding or replacing a switch if that’s feasible, would like to see what’s in there, though.

Just got my P01 today. I’m a semi-novice to flashlights for perspective.

Using a ruler (so not very accurate), the widest head (button to far side) width is around 25mm ish.

Button is harder to press than most other lights from being rather stiff. Hoping some usage will make it bit softer. Not sure how easy it would be accidently activate honestly cause of how stiff it is. There is an audible click that I like, but not as satisfying as something like Acebeam e70 mini button.

Need a good grip on it to make sure I input right combo though (which that fat head does help with). I’ve ended up in self defense/strobe once when playing around with it when I was trying to do electronic lockout. Will be physical lockout anyways due to aux for watch pocket carry.

I would have liked if I could keep rotating between the mid/high brightness without letting go of the switch. It does stop till you let go after changing brightness once.

Clip feels more on the flimsy side. Not very tight compared to other lights I have. The clip part that wraps the flashlight has less height than the groove on the light, so there’s a bit of wiggle.

Considering the price I got it at ($24), I’m not too disappointed I guess.

:+1: Good to know, thank you.

SB asked Lojik not to post in this thread so that’s petty as well as pointless.

Didn’t catch that. Oh well.

But hey, just a nice reminder that when us flashlight geeks think something is going to be a stinker, we’re usually right.

To move this in a more positive direction, I played with the light outside a few times, the optic paired with the dedomed 519A is really nice and pretty much exactly what I had hoped it would be. The body is also nicely constructed and feels pretty good in hand. The size is good too, other than the switch protrusion. Dual springs are also greatly appreciated.

So really, the light isn’t a total loss if Fireflies decides the current design isn’t working and they want to do a 2.0, just fix the UI and find a better switch and clip.

Yeah that’s just the AUX led bleeding through. 7 click doesn’t do anything. I don’t see 7 click on their UI at all. I did take out the bezel and optic. I don’t see led at the switch. 4 aux led is pretty cool. Overall it is a pretty decent light for the money.

Its way below standard…I thought the GT Nano side switch was bad…it doesn’t even work half the time I press it and its still light years ahead of the P01 side switch.

They need whatever the Wuben E6 is using, now thats a top class switch. And yes the po1 has a really nice beam, so worthy if they had a proper switch.

I ordered three of these as Christmas gifts. The package arrived today. They only sent two (I ordered 2 red and 1 black, they sent 1 of each). Edit: I just wanted to mention here that they already responded about this and have offered what I consider a suitable resolution. I was surprised by how quickly they reached out.

Moving on from that unfortunate business here are my initial impressions. Overall it’s an impressive package for the price. The beam is nice. The modes are nice. The rechargeable battery seems to charge and work well. It packs a lot into a relatively small package. I would not be happy with it if it were priced like some of their other lights, but it is a nice budget offering.

There are some big faults though. The body is wonderfully narrow but the head is even more bulbous than I had imagined. The thickness, if measured starting at the switch, is similar to some 21700 lights I have. The switch is not good but not as bad as I was expecting based on other people’s reactions. It seems to turn on and off reliably but multi click operations are hit or miss and 8 clicks for aux is very difficult to land. The UI is not great. It simply isn’t very intuitive. The biggest problem is how easy it is to accidentally trigger strobe mode when attempting to lock out. This is not helped by the subpar switch. The only way out of strobe mode seems to be to double click for turbo then click again to turn off. Again, this is not very intuitive, and I’m afraid may confuse the people I bought these lights for.

It sounds like a lot of negatives, but really my main point is it’s a nice value for the price. The accessories seem ok (I haven’t tried the clip or lanyard/keychain thing. It does not include instructions of any sort however, and it should.

Took over a month but they arrived before Christmas. The P01 is in the pocket. Love them both!

Just got my P01, P02, and P03. The positives are they work, include usb batteries and a reasonable amount of spares, anodising is good,and they perform as expected.
The negatives are as others have reported; the UI and the buttons. It’s dark now so they will get some use.See what I think.

So did anyone else’s battery that came with the P01 die? Mine took a crap, barely used the thing. Bad switch even worse battery…good products you guys are shipping out there Firefly…

Oh and btw I charged it right out of the box on my Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus.

Reading .054v on my meter…

Can you charge a USB rechargeable battery on a battery charger?

Yes you can as long as they fit.

I got mine few days ago. Delivery took about 3-4 weeks. About right. It’s a nice light for the price we paid. Is it my favorite switch, NO
but I don’t think I have a favorite switch.

If it wasn’t for the sale, I probably would not have been enticed to buy it.

Overall rating for company and light. A-.

Is this the same Fireflies company as in, you seem to have two different web sites with different products on each. Is this confusing on purpose or by accident?

Is Fireflylite the same company as Fireflies?

Likely confusing by accident.

They are the same company. They were originally named Fireflies but I think they ran into trademark issues with that name so they changed it to FireflyLite. Many still call them Fireflies. was their main website, then recently they opened a new website They posted about it here:

Originally I think the purpose was just to launch a new store on a new, presumably easier/cheaper-to-run platform/hosting service, and close the old website once everything was moved over.

Now they’ve closed the new website for maintenance (you just get a “coming soon” message now), as it’s apparently slated to be the site they use for lights that ship from their upcoming US warehouse, and they will keep the old website for lights that ship from China.

Presumably, both the new website/US warehouse and the old site/China warehouse will offer the same lights. It’ll likely work how other companies do it - the US site/warehouse will keep a larger stock of standard/popular configs, and the China site/warehouse will be more likey to have less-standard configs in stock, and if you have any special requests (like you want a different optic, specific CCT or different LED etc.) that are built-to-order, they’ll probably ship from China.

It’s kind of exciting, they are a really interesting enthusiast-oriented brand and it looks like they’re really trying to scale up operations, get more lights out, and have more consistent availability (and hopefully better QC and CS), along with a number of new releases in the coming months (one or two LEPs and a medium thrower IIRC, maybe more?).

However, they are a VERY small team and they’ve only been around making lights for ~5 years, so it seems they’ve been running into some significant teething problems, QC, shipping, and communication issues (some of which have been present since their founding) that they still have to work through - the two-website confusion being one of them.

These issues have led to a fair bit of mostly-deserved criticism recently, but I am personally very hopeful that they can get things into to a smoother state in the coming year or two, improve communication (this is a big one IMO), and sell more cool flashlights. Despite the issues, I get the impression they are dedicated engineers/designers who want to make really neat enthusiast-oriented lights at good prices, and I want them to succeed.

And as a side note, FireflyLite, if you’re reading this, PLEASE make a tail-switch light! I think something like a tail-switch PL09 Quad would be so awesome!

I’d also love a ROT66 gen 3 with a similar 3x18650 size, and a more efficient driver like in the E12R.

Does anyone repair the Fireflies E07? One of mine just stopped working. I’m in North Carolina, USA.

Can you charge a USB rechargeable battery on a battery charger?

You can, if it's not 1.5 volts with a port.