First big light? Q8 vs S70S vs L6 70.2 ?

The MT03 TA is a different kind of light.

It’s a extremely powerful for the size, good price to performance, and excellent NarsilM UI.

However, since it can draw 200W, that means it also has to dissipate 200W. The MT03 design can handle 40-50W at maximum continuously in ambient conditions.
It’s also extremely floody, so it’s not really useful in most situations at max power, since it can drown your vision.

I’ve got a SkyRay King 9 x XML-2 (Same size as Q8).
Also a L2 and L6.
Those cans are NOT comfy in hand for longer walks.
I usually carry my L6 with short tube from L2 and one cell for a walk.
Handy. Comfy and lotsa light for 20mins/half hr.
Good spread/ great throw.
Full tube and 2 x cells if going out for a while.
Balances well in hand. I wear a shoulder strap and it carry’s nicely on that
set to wrist length it takes weight without restrictions on moving.
Those can lights are on for checking pool area for snakes.
2 x Pythons curled up with eggs here at moment under Cane Palms.
But I reckon the L6 is better ALL rounder.
L2 when you get serious maybe.

I’ve never had a L6. Might be time to change that. I haven’t heard anything bad about them really. Thanks for this thread. It talked me into a L6. I already have a Q8 and it’s just awesome for what it is. Hard to beat for the money.

I bought a Q8.
Then I bought another Q8.
I keep them next to the fire extinguishers.
Earthquake country …

Sofirn Q8 (XPL HI's) is at $42.44 now on Amazon here, maybe ~ 1-2 hours left of stock at that price, going fast.

I never use my Q8 but i use my L6 every week

Opposite with me - I can pocket carry a Q8 still, take it out on trails, but not an L6.

I have a BLF Q8 and a Sofirn Q8, I use them regularly. I have a Thorfire S70 and I haven’t touched it in months. I better check the cells, thanks for the reminder.

I bought a Q8.
Then I bought another Q8.
To keep in the bedroom.
In case I lose anything under the covers.

Every time I pocket a Q8 and go for a walk, women folk follow me. I don’t know why….


The only place I can pocket a Q8 is in my Carhartt winter jacket or even bigger parka. It’s too heavy for any other pocket.

Unless I want to be followed…

Everyone has good points, but like marsalla stated, want are you really looking for? Flood or throw? What is going to be its intended use?

Whatever the answers may be, personally I like the L6, if it was just money I wanted to spend again.

How well does the Micro fit the Q8? Thinking of picking one up.

Not sure what you mean, what "Micro" is in this context.

OP, have you made a selection? Interested to hear back.

I can see it now…

“Is that a Q8 in your pocket or…”


“…or are you pregnant”? (Since it only really fits a coat pocket).

Don’t have the S70 or L6, but have a few Q8s.

The Sofirn is cooler/bluer but throwier, whereas the BLF/Thorfire is warmer (neutraler?) and floodier. I prefer the latter on both points.

Was tempted to get an L6, but I rarely use my L2s or even the Q8s unless I NEED a mega-light. Most times I’ll just grab for my Cometa as a “big” light.

So, it depends on what you wanna do or use it for, other’n being a “Wow!” light to show off to people.

The Q8 fits, albeit very snugly, into a grenade pouch, so you can MOLLE it to something else hang it off a belt. Don’t think you can do that with an L6 or other bat-light. Also fits nicely into a jacket pocket.

Bat-lights need matched cells because they’re running them in series, but the Q8 has all 4 cells in parallel, so they’re naturally going to be and stay matched inside the Q8, from fresh-out-of-the-charger to having LVP kick in.

I never even played with the Q8’s UI. Click on, 2click for turbo, press’n’hold for ramp up/down, click off. Never even looked at the manual that came-with. Other options? Yeah, probably, but I never bothered to mess with ’em.

So, you wanna whomp something/someone on the head, get a bat-light. Else the Q8 is nigh perfect for hella-bright yet still jacket-pocketable.

I dunno... I took hikes with a Q8 in my back jeans pocket, can't do it with an L6, just say'n.

I know its not about the size its about how you use it but that’s a mighty odd shape isn’t it lol. Id be hoping for more of an L6 shape to impress? :stuck_out_tongue:

Which light is to the right of blue Maglite. Looks interesting.