First budget light

Wednesday I order my first budget light order.
Torch: ultra fire uf980l
Battery: Trustfire protected 2400mah ( flames?)
charger: Ultrafire wf-139.
Anything I need to know, any advise on jumping into lighting beyond cr123 and AA batteries?

I would say that is about the brightest light you can buy for less that $50, good choice.

I have one and I love it. Do not leave it on high to long, if it becomes to hot to the touch then run it on medium until it cools down. It is not a toy do not shine it in anyone eyes including your own, otherwise have a blast it's a great light, enjoy.

I have one too.

Great light but like 1320 said, use high for short periods only. I measured 145°f on the flashlight tube today. (it's in another thread here) Just understand your new light will likely be drawing around 4.50 amps so, one must keep that important fact in mind.


And prepare for the photon addiction, it is coming.

I have always had light lust, but I thought you had to spend a lot of money to get a good flash light, or have a degree in electrical engineering to build a good light with little money. I currently have two fenix l2do, Blackhawk Gladius (duty gear), innova, and the obligatory surefire 6p. All of these lights are decent but they leave me longing for more and begging for something that does not eat up my wallet. This forum is much more cost effective than some other forums and much easier to navigate.

Oh don't worry, you'll find your costs will stay about the same, you'll just have a lot more lights at the end of the day.

Yep, you will also be broke, but a lot happier while being it. ;-)

Get a DMM, hust to be on the safe side.

The TF flames 18650s are nice reliable cells as far as most (all?) of us are concerned, you do need to have a read about Li-ion batterieis if you haven't gone this route before though.

As long as they are treated properly and charged with a reliable charger you shouldn't have any problems.

I'm sure there should be a thread around here somewhere about battery saftey, but I can't find one at the moment.

Can someone post a link to a post here or elsewhere :)

maybe this should be your second budget light >>

Tongue out

now you need a foybezel

The Trustfire batteries may not fit the WF-139 ?

THe WF-139 is some what battery challenged , so please let us know how you go .