First charger noob. Is mine broken?

Should get the answer by Christmas
edit ,That was posted with lots of love.


I ordered the light and batteries/charger on June 13th. Emails asking for tracking info were ignored for 3 weeks. Someone suggested filing a PayPal claim would get his attention. It did. He informed me of the optic issue. I told him I wanted to wait for the light with the optic I ordered. A month later it came, with the non-carclo optic. What did I wait for?

So what are 30Qs?

Samsung 3000 mah goodness ,pink wrapper.

Flat top will work & is better than button top because it hasn’t been touched by anyone since it left factory.

What are you plugging the usb power cord into and are you using a good quality usb cord. Says it needs 5v 2a input power.
On the website it says “when a over discharged IMR is inserted the screen will display EE EE, in this case long press V for restoration mode”.
Since you didn’t say it was displaying EE EE and showing 0v, I’m just guessing that its not plugged in to a appropriate power source or maybe a cheap usb cord.
Some cords will not do more than 1 amp even when plug into a 2 amp capable power source. I’m guessing the resistance is to high and the device steps down the charging to 1 amp thinking the power source isn’t capable of 2 amps. Just my guess, but its not the first time I have seen cheap usb power cords only allow 1 amp output.

I used the plug it came with into my MacBook, and also used a Mophie cable into the charger the Mophie 7w wireless charger came with.

I had an excellent experience with Liion warehouse 2 weeks ago. Got my charger and batteries all cells were perfect. They even sent a free battery operated fan and everything shipped quick. Good luck.

What happens when you put them into the flashlight? If it lights up then the cells aren’t dead. When cells are sent out they are usually around 3.6v give or take a little. I would also try to find someone who has a DMM to check the cell voltage.

Nothin. Dead.

I dont own a Macbook but,
Do you have a 2 amp capable usb wall charger you could try?
Might not be it but, gotta eliminate the possibilities.

I think you’re assuming I have a basic knowledge about power requirements, amps, volts, etc. I do not lol.

All I know is, while plugged into my MacBook Pro, the charger seemed to work fine with the Nitecore test battery I tried

I know a Nitecore CR123 sized battery wouldn’t need more than 1 amp to charge. especially when the power source is supplying 5v, its stepping down so the current required is even less than 1 amp. Just trying to help

Talk about bad luck, what are the chances of having 2 DOA Sony batteries.

@mcdj: I know Neal ships with a black plastic tape insulator at the negative side (rear end) of his cells.

Did you remove it?

Yeah, it’s kind of strange. I have had li-ions set for years and not read zero when checked.

This is probably the answer.


Sorry everyone. It was the tape. I had no idea. It’s not mentioned anywhere in what he sent. And like the title says, I’m a noob.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered so much great real time support on the internets from people in any other forum ever!

Everyone was new once :slight_smile:

Glad it worked out well for you.

That’s the best kind of problems to fix, the one’s that don’t cost a dime to fix.
Glad you got it working. :wink:

:+1: :beer:

Nice that’s it’s sorted , but it may work better when plugged into the mains, computers only supply a certain amount of power , a bit like the xtar vc4 it will not charge at full throttle if limited.