First Impressions Nitecore EX10 Ti and EX11.2

Might be the only chance but at those prices you could get a handful of comparable lights with more output. Even at 35USD that is true, but nothing else has the Piston drive that I am aware of and that is the primary selling point for me besides the form factor. Since the D10 was my first real light purchase as an adult it’s sentimental. It’s killing me that it might have accidentally ended up in the trash on Tuesday. No more uncovered trash bins next to my desk or night stand. Never again!

My XPG does not have that much green but it definitely is colder than I like. Once my 5000K XPL from Hank gets here it might go in. I have to check the voltage curves between the two first. Your 4500 looks nice. What would your eyeball estimate be on that compared to stock?

Using an old but fully charged 16340 at 4.05v

the output on maximum w sw45k is 17% less than with low cri stock XPG

w sw45k min/max

w stock XPG min/max

That’s a pretty good trade-off for a small light I think.

I am VERY impressed with the output capability of the EX11.2.

Compared to an HDS Rotary whose outputs are 0.02/200 lumens, the EX11.2 goes lower, higher, weighs less, is smaller, and costs less…

for an EDC or house light, that I mostly use at 100 lumens or less, the EX11.2 is a Winner in my book.

whats not to love?:slight_smile:

After what they did to Jaxman, Manker doesn't get to complain about this. Search for "Banggood" in the Jaxman user's comment history.

Your ebay tip was tempting…
And I thought about it a lot. The output isn’t great, I can’t trust the heat path to try to hot-rod it, the battery size isn’t ideal for me, and I’ll definitely have to LED swap it…
Why is there one on its way? jon_slider, you’re a monster.

the devil made me do it

Hard to go wrong with a light that is not glued shut, can easily be modded to N219b, has an amazingly high output (that I never use and dont care about), with a fantastic beam, and a moonlight that goes so low, that I would call it firefly.

This is a very special light, usually nowhere to be found… Speak now, or forever regret… :slight_smile:

and if you need an excuse not to buy it, just tell yourself its no good because it does not have a pocket clip, is not made in USA, and does not cost hundreds of dollars… lol!

Sigh… Purchased another so I can modify one lol. You can get pocket clips I thought, unless no one makes them anymore? I have access to a laser cutter so I will probably make my own out of stainless. I couldn’t get away with Ti, way too dangerous for laser cutting in a machine not propose built for it.

I am inclined to buy a bunch of the pocket clips used on RRT-01

everything you need to know about jetbeam clips

It looks like the EX11.2 have screw holes that match the McGizmo clip spacing that Jetbeam uses on the RRT-01…

note the long clip pictured is Ti, available from Jetbeam for $2, it was used on the TCR-1.

I have not actually tried to thread the screws into the holes, because I gave my last set of spare screws away.

I just emailed an order for some Clips to, asking if they can ship to USA at this time. Last time I did this, the clips were $1 each for the Jetbeam RRT-01 versions, and shipping was $7. The clips come with screws and a wrench. One stop shop.

Warning, the screws are easy to overtighten and strip the aluminium host. After which, loctite or JB Weld have worked for me. I have not yet tried screwing a clip into the Nitecore EX11.2 host, so fit is not confirmed, but looks very promising.

Which clip length do you like, long or short?


Not a monster -the devil tempter himself

One on the way for me :person_facepalming:


Im just trying to give something back


I agree

what my iPhone sees and what my eyes see are not the same degree of color saturation, and exposure.

I turned up the exposure to make the green less obvious.
This is closer to what my brain sees, during the day.

During the day I do not notice the green, because sunlight is also green tinted to duv 0.0032

tint is relative, my photos try to illustrate relative tint differences, but what the tint looks like in actual use, changes depending on the white balance my brain is using at the time.

I tend to like different color temperatures at different time of day :slight_smile:
for example,

I prefer the 3000k on my nightstand, to be used in full darkness at low levels, and at that BrainWhiteBalance, it does not look orange like it does during the day

the stock XPG is excellent during the day, as long as I dont need high CRI

in actual use during the day, the sw45k, my favorite, looks pink, but not at night it looks bright white… when my brain has downregulated its white balance towards 3000k


choices are good! :slight_smile:
Those are my Triumvirate of CCT options.
The one I use most is the sw45k,

if I could have only one… we would not be here… lol

Very nice :+1:

the clip holes in the EX11.2 match the RRT-01 clips perfectly

Highly recommended.

I find the short clip more comfortable than the long clip, when gripping the light, and also when clipping it to a pocket one handed.


thank you for your kind words of encouragement

the glowy bit and the clip screws came from you

I’ve got the short clip on my RRT01, and I like it a lot. Definitely one of the better clips of all my lights. Captive, no wobble at all, deep carry (as far as I’m concerned anyway, I know for some deep carry means the edge of the pocket gets all the way to the end of the light, but that requires weird J-shaped clips). And unlike the clip on my D25C Ti, it doesn’t get bent if it catches on something…

I was tempted by fleabay but immediately lost interest when I saw the shipping costs. I never see any piston drives this side of the pond for reasonable prices.

I agree! To me, it is a major breakthrough to have a clip solution for the EX11.2

I sent you a PM, maybe I can help reship…

Update on battery and output curve.
Im using a protected 16340, and am intentionally running it down to determine when its protection will trip. So far the cell is down to 3.5v and max output is down to 175 lumens (reaches 230 lumens on a fresh cell). The firefly level is now less than 0.005, since I cannot read it on my meter (on a full cell 0.4 lumens). Suffice to say the light goes as low as I would ever need, and higher than I usually use.

So far, using maximum briefly has failed to trip the protection circuit on the battery. Im very happy about the way the light is operating.

I was thinking the same thing! The box is way bigger than it needs to be. 12*19*9cm. It’s really just the light and a lanyard so a thin box is all you need.

Thanks for the offer guys. As tempting as it is I’m going to resist. Maybe if they were from the D series I could be tempted!