Flashlight fan in the U.K . . . .

I’m british but live in finland

I remember there was rs-online.co.uk


Hope you have a great time here

Just ask anything and the guys here love to help


[QUOTE] What I would like to know is does anybody else come from the U.K. and are there any U.K. based vendors that sell mods etc? I’m looking to make my own modded C8 with an XPL-HI and 8 or 10 * 7135’s to give me some great output.

Welcome! I am an American expat living in rural North Wales.

As above you can get batteries from 18650.uk. Most of my cells came from China, but it that isn’t reliable. Occasionally they get sent back and Aliexpress is full of fakes. Banggood has always refunded me for anything returned by customs.

I’ve swapped out the driver in my C8 for a BLF A6 driver. The A6 has one 7135 + an FET. It is an easy mod and a real improvement from the 3/5 mode driver. I got stack of A6 drivers from a User Negotiated Deal here on the forum. Banggood sells them under their Astrolux brand.

Current events in China will probably cause shipping delays. The country is on an extended Chinese New Year’s holiday. I’m not worried about the parcels but as a rule don’t order anything during CNY. Some things from China are shipped to the UK via rail mail! Rail mail is cheap and dependable, especially for batteries, but takes weeks and weeks.

I also buy parts and assemblies from mtn electronics. Never had a problem. I have them shipped to a relative or friend in the US and collect them when I’m visiting.