Flashlight to keep my hands free while walking?

My vote’s also for a right-angle headlamp with a pocket clip to affix it to a pocket/belt.
But if you don’t have a good place to clip the light, you can also wear a headlamp around your neck and point it at the ground.

I am lucky to have a TH20 with a clip. Also have a SP40 with a clip. At the moment the SP40 is in its headband. The last few nights I have been using the TH20 clipped to my coat and it works great! Could use the SP40 this way as well. On my coat I am able to clip the light horizontally so it is easy to adjust the height up and down. This would work for either light.

Here are some pics of how I have used the TH20 for hands free use. Any right angle light with a clip like the SP40 would likely work well for this.

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my critique of that light

  1. high price
  2. it uses 2xAA, I would rather just use 1x of whatever battery type you like
  3. it has a Low CRI LED, I would rather point you to High CRI

Manker E03H
choose the
Neutral White SST20 4000K 95CRI

1. lower cost, includes headlamp bracket that lets you easily aim the light up and down…
2. Uses 1xAA, carry another as a backup, so you dont go dark without options.
3. Buy the High CRI version for best light spectrum, closest to sunlight.

Hands free, unobtrusive, and forgotten… If anyone looked at the pictures I referenced above you would see my current dog walking setup. A TH20 clipped to my Swedish Military Parka. Last night, after dog walk, my wife asked me to empty the pockets so she could throw it in the wash. Being the good husband… When the wash finished I threw it in the dryer. Wife was ready to go to bed soon after and the thumping from the dryer was too much. (I thought it was just the big zipper on the parka but turned the dryer off anyway.) She said don’t worry she would start the dryer in the AM and it would be dry when I needed it. Sure enough, when I as ready to to out this AM the parka was ready to go.

Am sure you know by now what I found when I put the parka on. A very clean TH20 clipped and ready to go for our next walk!

Don't forget the so-called inspection lights, like the Streamlight Jr Reach (link). It's my favorite hands-free light. Just wrap it around your neck while walking. It's grab-and-go convenience. It's a more sophisticated version of the old Black & Decker Snake light.

Two AA batteries, puts out 115 lumens.

It's my wife's favorite hands-free as well.

Only if he’s got an “innie”.

Wasn’t there a Rofus that had a swivel-head that rotated from straight to right-angle?

That, and some diffusion film to dethrow it.

Oh yeh, goggle some Markus vids. He had a belt-holster that you could swivel to all sorts of angles. Looked quite handy…

Not sure if this would help, but RovyVon E300s!


It has different modes and a versatile operation throught the top and the side buttons.

Not the cheapest option eventually, considering the ones presented above, but, well, another one in the table!!

Rofis made some pretty neat lights with that unique feature! Unfortunately, it seems they’ve vanished from the market.
I have a couple of cheaper swiveling lights made by NICRON, but the build quality and UI are a mixed bag from them.

I have one in Nichia. Best EDC I have found, and I have a few.
Battery Juntion has it for 60 bucks for black Friday. I paid 80 for mine two years ago.
Put it in the back pocket and forget you have it.
Only problem is the side switch is hard to press. But the Turbo switch in the top works just fine.


Nice you like yours :+1: I got the XP-G3 and replaced them for XP-L, floodier and brighter, and…hotter!
Most of the times I double or triple click the side switch for a brighter mode. But yes, if one wants the lowest mode (ML), requires some pressing!
Other than that is a great light :sunglasses:

I sometimes use it as headlamp too :wink:

Simple easy answer is to wear a headlamp with the strap fully loosened around the neck instead of like an idiot on your head .

I like the rovy von idea but $65 ? oh come on now .. how about a $10 Boruit D-10 loose around your neck .< this has become one of my favorite ways to run a light . Having both hands free is invaluable .

I like the idea of a shoulder mounted light as well but you'd have to be wearing the same thing all the time and getting a mount to be stable right and left would probably be a pain .I've run stuff clipped onto the collar under your ear but there is again too much lateral movement .

See, this is why you are an inspiration! You come with different and budget ideas that do the job :wink:
When I read your text I thought “Nah, it will not point to the right direction, it will be too loose!!”
But then I picked my D10 and…well, it is pointing towards the right place, and since the light can be adjusted top/down in the plastic holder, it really is a useful beam!

You’re great man!! :+1: :+1:

Yep I'm the man ...and my wife ..She's the woman ....Great is questionable .

I'm sure the idea came from someone else but I have to admit it's a very nice way to wear a light when you hate having something strapped to your sweaty forehead . I can't think of anything worse . Otoh I had a d-10 around my neck while grocery shopping the other night and was pleased I had a mask on to hide my identity . .

Wellp, I can. I’m just not going to say…

Oh good God. Of course…

How about Armyteks Wizard?

Smallest angle light you can go is Nitecore Thumbi found it on this site

Thank you for all the input! I’ve checked all of the proposed models :slight_smile:
I gave it a bit more thought and wonder, if there anything similar to my love-at-first-sight WT20R with High CRI LED (I’ve explored what that means, yey!)?
I might have use for something like this, standing, angle-able - I paint miniatures
I’m willing to pay around the price of WT20R

Skilhunt h03 comes with a clip you can put oh the front of your shirt or jacket. Same the the fireflies pl47