Just curious to see if anyone else has purchased items from the site
flashlightbrand.com recently?

I bought a FW3 there on Aug 11th , received an immediate confirmation of the purchase but have not heard anything since. Sent them an email on the 15th asking for updates, no reply, sent another yesterday but once again, no reply.

Seen some reviews on the net that others have had similar problems as though they
have disappeared. Will give it 'till Monday then will notify Paypal and cancel the order.
Great price but I guess that doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t receive the item you bought.

FWIW, my router software presents the following warning when I try to access the link in the OP.

Wow, never got that and have tried it on multiple systems.
Starting to believe more and more that this place has either
disappeared or gone bankrupt. Looked it up on more info sites
and it looks like they had good reviews a few years ago but, have had
other people getting the same results that I am getting lately.

I bought from them once. It was fine, but several months ago. Recently I have seen a few complaints…
Buyer beware.

Yeah, apparently they were good a year or so ago but now, several
people have had problems with them. I should have researched them
before the purchase, going through the process with Paypal now
to have it refunded.

I reviewed one of their flashlights, but that was over a year ago.
I haven’t reviewed or bought anything from them since, so I’m not sure what the current issue is. :thinking:

I thibk this brand is done. Too toxic.

Final update, thanks to Paypal, I disputed the charge and they refunded my money.
The site is still open but all should be advised that, they will take your order and send you
a confirmation of the purchase. After that initial contact, looks like you will never hear from them again. Definitely a BUYER BEWARE!

Bought from them once. Got a tracking number fairly quickly, but it took a few days before it showed up as anything. Light arrived about a month later, no problems with it.

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They don’t honor the warranty when something is wrong. Don’t buy from them. We don’t need this type of companies in the hobby.

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I’ve ordered a few lights from them without any issues. But its been prolly about a year!