FLEX Asgard @ Fasttech

I seriously doubt (or hope not) that a LEO would use a light like this in that kind of situation… too much risk (even a little is too much) of something like what you described. I also seriously doubt that it’d be approved for use in this kind of situation, as it’d probably not get through any security review unless there are adequate safeguards, and just the “normal” Bluetooth security is not “adequate”.

That makes a lot of sense actually.

So, those of you worried about being hacked, add an AR lens and alu reflector to protect yourself. :wink: Don’t forget your foil hat too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never got a ZY-T08 so might just do this instead, if reviews are positive.

Curious what these next two models will be. :~ Monster flooder and something more pocketable/EDC perhaps?

Actually, to conserve energy, Bluetooth is turned off most of the time. Unless you explicitly turn it on, no one is able to connect to it…

oh dear god man. he was totally joking.

no way in hell PDs would issue such a light! lol. no effing way.
(bluetooth security being the least of reasons why.)

You already know something about “battery features” ? Low voltage warning? Voltage readable over bluetooth? Capacity readable over bluetooth?

too cheap and too bright for the government :stuck_out_tongue:
i also seriously doubt any one will have one set up to illuminate an enterance. was just a fictional situation where blue jacking could be considered an issue

thanks fasttech, that sounds more than sufficient protection against hacking

Thanks JohnnyMac for the insight! Normal bluetooth have a range of 10m and normally do not need line of sight, unless it’s a very basic bluetooth module I guess.

And… what?? The “next 2 models”?! My wallet is screaming for help.

But only AR coating? Is still too much for BT signal?

Ahh. That’s good. So how do you explicitly turn it on? Is it done from the (physical) light itself, like a specific press sequence?

Sorry if I came off being a little negative :)… FYI, I do think this light is a cool thing :)!

Looking forward to those!


There is low voltage protection. At 3v it will kick into moonlight mode to get you out of whatever jam you might be caught in.

That is what they found during testing. They tried but it severely impacted signal reception. Having said that, unless you plan on changing the programming while walking of driving, you could always put on your own AR lens and just unscrew the bezel and remove the lens, reprogram the light, then reassemble the lens and bezel.

i wonder if there will be a flood of bt drivers in the next year…
i have heard of bt micro lights in development as well

As I understand it, Fasttech has already acquired patents on the technology and idea. I know the owner is extremely wealthy and will bet he will do what is needed to protect his investment.

Out of curiosity is anyone planning on trying to port the android app to ios? Sadly I don't really know enough to do so, but I certainly plan on playing around with it and seeing what I can get to work.

You can use Bluestacks on your computer and emulate an Android environment and you can run Android apps. But I’m not sure if the bluetooth would work.

kinda funny, just ordered ZY-T08 couple days ago and now the asgard appears in the same host...

excited to see the review though :)

So we need only new driver :stuck_out_tongue: