Free Coast LED Flashlight Model No. G10--Only Pay $3.50 S+H--USA & Canada Only

The Coast G10 is worth the shipping and then some, a clickie 10 lumen aaa light that feels solid. I did the survey and payed the shipping and 4 weeks later it arrived :slight_smile:

Gave it a try. I wasn’t going to get anymore lights for a while but $3.50 is a deal.

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This is a nice little light used with eneloops. Nichia GS, forward clicky. Little big for keychain EDC, but not too bad.

I bought one for around $10. $3.50 shipped is a steal. I use a 550 cord lanyard and neck carry it around the house + camp site. Its a little brighter than my Fenix E0 Dart.

You don't always get a mini tac or a g-10..i've also gotten a nano tac and others have gotten other lights as well .my guess is you have about a 90% chance of a g-10 but don't bet the farm on it ...

So nobody’s gotten one of these in the mail recently?

For posting this. $3.50 is well worth it!

It's ok if you like weak purple beams in a nice package. Protruding button clicky is a battery killer if it bumps up against anything and turns on.

its for non-flashaholic girlfriends and the like.

Amen! I got one a few months ago with the same deal. Only worth the $3.50 if it’s a purse light for the little lady. I got mine, turned it on, then immediately offered it to my gal. The LED sucks.

Yeah, I don’t get the fuss over the 5mm Nichia LEDs. :~

I got one in the mail today. So not worth the $3.50 S&H.

I’ve spent more at Legoland for something piled up and seldom used. I’ll be giving this one to a young grand-daughter for her younger sister’s diaper bag . . . no bets on how long it stays in the bag and doesn’t get broken or lost, though.

I received mine in the mail today. Ugly ringy beam. Definitely a stocking stuffer or add on gift for someone else.

Certainly not a Thrunite Ti, but the gift box and battery make it nice as a gift.

It is what it is. Pretty bright for a 5mm LED. The main thing I dislike besides the purple, offcenter ringy beam and protruding clicky is how huge it is. Same size as my CQG SS AA. Also, does anyone else’s have no lens? Just a bulb and a reflector for me. That reflector thing will get dusted up and maybe scratched in no time in the wifey’s bag.

Mine's in a drawer somewhere at home or I'd check to see if it has a lense for you, but I just wanted to say it doesn't really make a good handbag light. If the protruding tailswitch bumps up against anything in her purse, the light will come on and stay on until the battery is depleted. Happened to me in the car glove box (No, I don't carry a purse Tongue Out).

I only have a few 5mm led lights, but it is normal for my 5mm led lights with 3 or less leds to have no lens - even some that are o-ringed to keep out water. First time I started seeing them was with the HF 9/12 style lights even though those are not waterproof. I’d guess using some hairspray or similar others recommend on reflectors to go lite OP might smooth out the beam, though I don’t really notice it other than on a wall.

Other problem I see is the clickie is prone to using battery from bumps and jostles. Mine has hole, but no lanyard or clip. Seems overbuilt for what it is, but I have a couple other Coast lights that are the same.

Rather than going in a bag, this one is great for checking inside dark cabinets and the like. No throw, but good flood for small area. It would also work fine as a light kept at a desk for quick tasks at night since it is near or slightly brighter than my T10 on medium and still not too bright for inside use.

Thanks for the heads up on this. I received a Coast G10 in the mail today. Ya, the beam is ringy, it’s not super powerful, and the hotspot surprisingly isn’t even round. That’s the bad, now on to the good! It looks and feels like a quality torch, far beyond the $3.50 I paid to get it. The switch feels solid, and it’s a FORWARD clickie! :bigsmile: I forgot how nice forward clickers are. The rings you see whitewall hunting aren’t noticed in actual use. What you do notice is a very usable beam profile for close up work. The website lists the lumens as 32 according to FL1 standards, with 2 hours and 45 minutes run time. It may be a little big for key chain carry for me, but it’s still small, light, and disappears in a pocket. Not to mention it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Looks like a killer deal to me!