FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX® BL02 2*XP-G3 1200lm Bicycle Headlight Group Buy - ALIVE - 107pcs SOLD

Freeme, thanks for the code. Bangood is getting kinda pricey on the shipping, adding nearly 30% to the final cost.

30%, why? I only aware that EU residents have to pay higher VAT this year.

I have the light now and I can confirm you can avoid the blinky and off modes. Essentially a double click puts you into high mode with both leds, single click cycles med/low/off, however you can avoid off by double clicking to get back into high. There are no blinky modes with both leds in use.

If you only want to use a single led it’s trickier as you have to cycle all modes, although you can switch from high to low beam (or vice versa) which puts you back into high again, avoiding off and blinky modes. The thing is, you’ll likely be using the lights with both leds running at all times. Both high and low beam have a good anti-glare horizontal cut off, so using a single led seems kind of irrelevant for any purpose.

Edit: after further use, doubleclicking to get back to high mode is a bit problematic. It’s not always easy to doubleclick fast enough while riding and the light momentarily flicks off if you manage to pull it off, which is less than ideal while riding. At this price point the light is still a steal, well made, etc, but UI is disappointing.

Loong press (3s) to OFF at any mode.

$22 for the light, and over $6 for shipping to Texas.

Maybe they configured it wrongly. I will get them to check for me tomorrow.

I’d love to get one, please add me.


Just tried again. Shipping has dropped by about $2. I guess I’m getting too used to Amazon free shipping :smiley:
Order placed. Should be fun to compare this to my Lumintop B01.

Code please thank you !


Mine arrived around three weeks ago. Works very well. Easy mount and good light options. I don’t have any other bike lights so nothing to compare it to but does the job.

How does this compare to Lumintop’s B01 bicycle headlamp?

Compared to B01, Astrolux BL02 is

  1. Cheaper. $$$
  2. Has creamy neutral white flood beam.
  3. Ability to toggle between throw and flood.
  4. USB Output (up to 3A).
  5. LCD display
  6. Much more usable flashlight biker mode(if law permits).
  7. Sturdier mount.

Got mine. I advise using only the double click when we do not want to mess with the UI.

How is the build quality, machining, threads, etc.? People have complained about those issues on Astrolux lights before.

Has anyone tried opening it up yet? What are the prospects for replacing the battery? Is it a 21700?

Any trouble running it at 1200 lm for long periods without overheating?

Good overall quality and accessories.
Battery is integrated, looks luke 5.000 mah
No overheating

Build quality is good for its price. My only complaints are:

1) Slightly off-centered Distance beam (throw). Shown in original post.

2) Reliability of buttons in long run.

Dismantling the light might not be straightforward as screws are either hidden or shell is snap on type. I wouldn't bother to replace the battery as the light is already very affordable.

There are pros and cons for every brands. I would advise you to buy and try for yourself instead.

Entire shell is made of aluminium and it heat up pretty fast. Once your are in motion, light be adequately cool down by natural breeze.
A lot of cheap unbranded bicycle headlamps are still using hollow or partial shelf design. If heat is trapped inside the lamp, i can guarantee that LED(s) will not last for too long.

Just to backup Freeme’s post, the regulation is quite good. One of the riders on the MTBR forum (lights and nightriding) tested regulation and it mimics freeme’s regulation graph, fully regulated with both beams on high for almost an hour before output gradually recedes.

Thermal transfer is excellent, no need to take it apart to tell, it gets hot fast so the ledboard would be directly mounted to the aluminium host.

Based off the results though we doubt the 5000mAh capacity of the internal cell, it’s more likely 4000-4500mAh.

BL02 + remote controller

Group Buy Price: from $26.30 (usual $35.95)

Freeme's Exclusive Coupon: FMASXB